Chicago-born R&B/soul artist itoldLexi today announces the long-awaited release of her EP! The overriding theme explored throughout Unconditionally, Lexi is love, in its many forms; self-love, unconditional love and unrequited love. Written and performed by Lexi herself, the EP spans 8 tracks. These include the brand new self-assured Options, which is out today, as well as previously released single, Softin’. Unconditionally, Lexi will be available to stream/download on 1st December.

Of the EP, itoldLexi says, “Unconditionally, Lexi is a reminder that love is not a linear path, but a multifaceted journey. This journey has been enriched by working with both women and men from both the US and the UK, transcending geographical boundaries and embracing diverse perspectives. Love goes far beyond the realms of romance; it extends to friends and family, to strangers, and to lifelong relationships. Love, in its truest form, is about providing support and guidance to one another. It’s about exercising patience and striving for a deeper understanding of each other and of life itself.”

On her new single, Lexi has explained, “Options is about moving on after a heartbreak, while the other person continues to push boundaries by evoking memories and possibilities that no longer apply. It’s a declaration of embracing a new chapter and finding strength in self-assured independence – a soundtrack for one’s ‘villain era’.”

In celebration of both the EP announcement and the release of Options, Lexi will headline 93 Feet East in Shoreditch, tonight. Remaining tickets are available here. Summer saw the London-based artist headline two packed out shows in London. Lexi appeared at Piano Smithfield in Farringdon, and not only did she perform but was also joined by her long-time collaborator and producer Ronavella, who carried out a guided talk. This covered Lexi’s songwriting process, some of the messaging in her music and tying in her experiences as a female Black artist, in the music industry today. The songstress also played the historic Troubadour in Earl’s Court.

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