Unapologetic and self-proclaimed Brat Pop artist Izzi De-Rosa has shared her audacious new single ‘love u in the morning’, stream here.

The single follows Izzi’s appearance at The Great Escape Festival and first headline show at London’s The Grace earlier this year, and comes a few weeks before her set at Live At Leeds Festival on October 15th.

Produced by Jonah Summerfield (Dylan Fraser, Matilda Mann) ‘love u in the morning’ is Kate Nash meets Sex Pistols brash confidence, seeing twee piano rhythms contrast against fuzzy indie guitars for an angsty anthem made for a generation of disenfranchised youths.

Speaking further about the track Izzi says: “It tells a story of a relationship that’s falling apart, but not in the ‘omg my entire world is crashing before my eyes and I’m so heartbroken’ kinda way, but in the dull and underwhelming way that a lot of relationships tend to fizzle out in real life. There’s a lot of back and forth and second guessing, and moments where you feel like it’s meant to be and moments where you don’t. I wanted to paint that story for the listener and also have the song sonically represent the extreme changing of emotions; the happy days where you’re all in love and how quickly those feelings can turn to hate…”

‘love u in the morning’ is brimming with Izzi’s signature witty lyricism and attitude that’s seen her amass over 9 million likes and 400,000 followers on TikTok, with fans at Spotify’s New Music Friday, Our Generation and Fresh Finds, as well as tastemakers CLASH and Notion, who penned the North London singer as “throwing back to a uniquely British sound of pop”.

Izzi De-Rosa will be releasing more new music very soon.

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