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Sean C Kennedy shares ‘Hurts To See You Go’

The single is flavoured with modern touches of alt-rock and alt-pop.

After leaving his homeland of Scotland for the epicentre of the music scene in Nashville, Tennessee, Sean C Kennedy has set his gaze towards his sonic signature of 2022. As an entirely independent artist, Sean C Kennedy has built a strong foundation to his career, achieving over 5 million streams at Apple Music. With that groundwork in place, Sean is now primed for visionary opportunities beginning with today’s release of his newest single, ‘Hurts To See You Go’. Listen HERE.

‘Hurts To See You Go’ immediately affirms Sean’s credentials as an artist worth paying attention to. It’s an amalgamation of styles both past and present, his driving, radio rock melodies and luminous bursts of ‘80s-flavoured synths. The single is flavoured with modern touches of alt-rock and alt-pop. It’s the perfect soundscape for his voice. ‘Hurts To See You Go’ explores a universal experience for those who are unlucky in love. Some relationships are in a sense destined for failure, regardless of how near perfection they appear to be.

Sean says, “Being patient has been a beautiful learning curve when it comes to my art. I have to let myself grow before I release music again.”

While he sounds like a natural, music wasn’t Sean’s first career path. He started as a promising footballer (soccer player) in the youth squad of Scottish Premiership team Hibernian. That perceived destiny was wrecked by a previously undiscovered defect in his knee which required a stem cell bone transplant. Devastated by the collapse of his sole dream, he sunk into deep depression. He found solace in singing along to songs that he grew up around, which resulted in his sister being astounded by his voice.