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Jaguar Jonze announces debut album ‘Bunny Mode’

Jaguar Jonze is thrilled to announce her debut album BUNNY MODE on June 3rd

Taiwanese-Australian singer, producer, songwriter, and multimedia artist Jaguar Jonze is thrilled to announce her debut album BUNNY MODE on June 3rd  and shares the video for the new single “TRIGGER HAPPY,” out everywhere today. Featuring previously released singles “WHO DIED AND MADE YOU KING?,” “CUT,” and “LITTLE FIRES,” BUNNY MODE is a personal triumph of resilience and an incredible creative work that allows the world-building artistry of Jaguar Jonze to shine through.

“TRIGGER HAPPY” sees Jaguar Jonze – aka Deena Lynch – explore “love bombing” (being lavished with attention or affection by a person so they can more easily influence or manipulate) and being in a place where she finally sees certain behaviors for what they are – a theme evident across BUNNY MODE (“I’m just not having it anymore”). The video – which Jaguar Jonze directed, edited, and produced – includes visual nods to earlier videos and was cleverly shot guerilla-style during breaks in her album cover photoshoot. “The video is hectic and fun. During any break, I would yell out, “quick, shoot me doing weird poses!” or “look, there’s a dog on set – FILM THIS!”. The day was high energy which we captured in the video. And not a bad performance considering my shoes had cut off the circulation to my feet.”

Jaguar Jonze radiates confidence, finding strength in vulnerability and tackling the dark stuff with sharp-edged humour on BUNNY MODE. She creates a unique and cinematic patchwork of stadium pop, industrial noise, and punchy punk energy as she moves past an old coping mechanism that she calls “going bunny mode” – becoming still and quiet instead of crying out in response to physical, psychological and emotional threats. “This album is a journey of saying goodbye to that ‘bunny mode,'” she says. “Making this album has been this process of saying – thank you for saving me and allowing me to survive up until this point, but I don’t need you anymore.” Her debut full-length is also a love letter to music itself; she explains, “Most things I did in my life, I did for survival. But, making music was the complete opposite: it was a gift and permission to myself to create, live passionately, and say what I was feeling. It was passion, intimacy, rawness, and connection; it completely changed my life. It made me feel human.”