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Mega shares new single ‘Box Of Regrets’

Mega has shared her transformative new single ‘Box of Regrets’

Following her sold-out show at London’s The Grace (sister venue to the iconic The Garage), Mega has shared her transformative new single ‘Box of Regrets’, stream here. 

Accompanied by heart-rendering guitar and choral harmonies that hark back to her beginnings in music, ‘Box of Regrets’ is another poignant offering from the contemporary soul artist.

About the new single Mega says: “’Box of Regrets’ is about letting go of the past. Sometimes it can be difficult to do that for many reasons because we have become so attached to it, no matter how painful it is. The song is saying goodbye to what has caused us pain, and referring to the box of regrets as beautiful is acknowledging that through pain, growth can sometimes be birthed. Although pain isn’t a requirement for growth, it can encourage change that propels us to grow. I like to think of it as growing pains.”

Mega writes in the vein of her musical inspirations including Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone: from a place of heartbreaking honesty, something that she took from the time when she lost her voice for two years. She had promised herself that when she could sing again, she vowed to be as vulnerable and honest as she could with her music to truly say something important. “That period of my life really taught me to be as present and appreciative as possible, and I feel like I try to do that in the music that I put out. I’m just happy I can even sing.”

Inspired by her Ugandan heritage, Mega’s music intertwines influences like Afrigo Band with the powerful songstresses that inspire her lyrics. Whether her tracks are acoustic or more heavily instrumented, the focus for her is on the vocals, with the music taking its lead from her achingly honest lyricism. Exploring themes of self-esteem, self-love and growth, she carefully transforms these hefty topics into relatable and emotive remedies. Her second EP is due later this year.

Mega will be headlining London’s Omeara on 9th July. Tickets here (on sale 11th April)