Jalle shares ‘AD’ the first half of his two part EP titled ‘ADHD’, alongside brand new single ‘Under My Skin’. An exclusive live acoustic version of ‘Under My Skin’ will also be available on YouTube.

Listen to ‘Under My Skin’ here I Watch ‘Under My Skin acoustic live session’ here

Following the release of ‘Hideaway’ and ‘Downers’, which both feature on ‘AD’, ‘Under My Skin’ is rich with euphoric synths anchored with an infectious bass groove, pulling influences from the likes of The 1975 and The Weeknd.

Speaking about ‘AD’, Jalle says “My upcoming EP is in 2 parts, ‘AD’ and ‘HD’. The whole concept around it is to touch upon things that I feel have been affected by my ADHD. A lot of people just think having ADHD is just not being able to concentrate easily and someone that fidgets a lot. This may be true for some, but for me it’s so much more. It’s the reason I find it hard to maintain relationships, it’s the crazy sleeping pattern I find myself in, it’s all the mad hobbies I start to get addicted to, but randomly stop and never pick it up again. This EP reflects my life through the lense of ADHD. I’m very proud of making this as for most of my life I saw ADHD as a flaw but now I see it as a superpower.”

The ‘ADHD’ EP punches with creative flair, driven from Jalle’s personal exploration and transparent experiences with his ADHD.

Speaking about the thought process behind the EP artwork, Jalle says: “With the AD artwork I wanted to take this innocent looking photo of me as a kid and make him look devilish. For me this portrays the negative connotations of how people have seen my ADHD over the years and this is me playing into that character of what people think of me.”

Full EP ‘ADHD’ drops later this year.

Jalle recently played The Great Escape and performed at Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club where he performed Hideaway live with Issey Cross. His knack of full frontal insight into his world and how he navigates these difficult feelings is what drives the excitement around him. At just 20 years old, he has developed a whole musical world filled with his own stories and those of the people closest to him.

‘AD’ Tracklist:

  1. Hideaway

  2. Under My Skin

  3. Downers

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