Fresh from winning diverse acclaim for their two-part ‘SICK’ mixtape, Scotland’s alt/electro duo LOVE SICK today share their new single ‘I Take It All Back’. The song is released as they prepare for the biggest show of their career to date at BST Hyde Park this weekend as special guests to the iconic Duran Duran as part of a line-up that also features Nile Rodgers & Chic, Aurora and Laura Mvula.

Renowned for charting the spectrum of love, from lust to loathing, LOVE SICK go to an uncompromising extreme with ‘I Take It All Back’. A relationship’s highs have sunk to uncharted lows and there’s no hope of salvation. “All those things I said before,” sings Julie Knox, “Fuck that, I take it all back.” 


LOVE SICK commented, “‘I Take It All Back’ is a song about feeling bitter after a break up and not wanting to leave the other person with any good memories.”

Those who will see the LOVE SICK experience for the first time at Hyde Park this weekend will witness the scope of their artistry. Their darkwave pop encompasses touches of woozy electronica, R&B, house and experimental flourishes. The moods they deliver are as eclectic as the narratives they share, from the exhilaration of first-sight lust to falling hard and then falling apart.

And if you spot a special frisson between Julie and Shaun on-stage, their back story will explain it. Their meeting was a rom-com trope: shared glances and a first meeting at a Christmas party before randomly running into each other at a train station in Glasgow. Then the tale became more of a Sundance indie dramedy: hooking up, making music, and taking it to the world at large.

Inspired by the likes of Mark Ronson, Caribou and Kaytranada, LOVE SICK’S previous shows have included dates with Glass Animals, Fletcher and Chet Faker.

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