Jameel Mason single review by George Kirby

Jameel Mason and Alix Ford team up for one of the finest post lockdown releases I have come across. Furthermore, the pair synergise well here, and they sing towards each other with a message which many will find relatable.

A New Jersey native at heart, Jameel is spreading his wings globally with his music sending a shockwave all across America and Europe. But, it does not take a genius to figure out why. His music is captivating, and although he does not stand out truly as a prototype musician, he picks up where the greats left off, and he adds even more weight to this post-genre style.

For me, what I relish most about ‘Quarantine Mami’ is that the rapper, Jameel stays true to his sound. Yes, he has delved deep into the genre and introduces a wide range of new effects, but his music remains inline with his backlog, and it is helping him cement his signature sound into the archives.

However, it is not just Jameel who deserves the credit for this piece. Moreover, Alix Ford lends an unforgivable vocal performance which gives the record an extra layer of comfort. She needs to play a role in the track because it gives us the other side of the message, and she rises to the occasion impeccably. Also, like Jameel, she has fond admiration, and her lyrical tongue is difficult to resist.

‘Quarantine Mami’ follows a similar vibe to Jameel’s previous releases, yet this one comes with a fresh direction with a sound which you will struggle to hear elsewhere. So much so, I will be keeping this track high on my playlist for many months to come.

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