Having come from humble beginnings in working class Wales, the Los Angeles based artist Jamie Miller has become a breakthrough pop star with widespread international success. After just one EP and a handful of singles, he has exceeded a billion streams – including 350 million+ for ‘Here’s Your Perfect’, a #2 hit on Spotify’s Global Viral chart – leading to acclaim from artists including Sam Smith, BLACKPINK, Kelly Clarkson, P!nk and Jennifer Hudson. Today Jamie Miller releases his new single ‘Empty Room’ ahead of the October 4th release of his second EP ‘The Things I Left Unsaid’.

If there’s a song that acutely captures the regret that comes with the things that were left unsaid, it’s ‘Empty Room’. Supported by sparse keys and dramatic beats, Jamie’s beautifully powerful voice shares the raw, heartfelt emotions that followed the passing of his beloved grandmother. That was eight years ago, but the grief he expresses in the song is just as touching, overwhelming and instantly palpable as it must have been at the time. His lyrics possess a poetic simplicity as he sings, “I’d tell you that I love you, I miss you I wish you were here / Maybe if I shout it loud enough you might hear.” He also paid tribute to her with a recent post on social media.

Jamie says, “I wrote this song about not being able to say goodbye to my nana before she took her last breath. But over the last couple of weeks seeing how much it’s meant to all of you truly gave me so much love and that’s why I’m putting it out, so thank you.”

The ‘Empty Room’ visual is just as affecting, with a simple performance video which demonstrates that Jamie is channelling a flood of emotions.

‘Empty Room’ joins ‘No Matter What’ and ‘Maybe Next Time’ in previewing ‘The Things I Left Unsaid’ EP, which is available to pre-save HERE.

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