New indie-rock band Supalung deliver a driving synth & guitar lead, Talking Heads meets Roy Orbison banger.

This November Supalung will be playing a handful of live dates around the UK following the release of their fourth single ‘SHADOW’ from their upcoming album ‘I’M ALIVE’. ‘SHADOW’ is a song that speaks of learning to live with depression as a part of you. Welcoming it into the dance of life.

SupaLung is a new indie-rock outfit comprised of critically renowned singer-songwriter Sam Brookes & multi-instrumentalist, producer Pete Josef. The group describe their music as joyous, melodic and experimental.

In their own words: “We wanted to draw from all of the great music across time that we love and put it into this album. The keystone was Joy – if it didn’t make you smile, send shivers of excitement or fill your eyes with joyous tears then we double-backed and started again.”

“Making this album was a real joyous adventure but the real excitement now is releasing the music and playing live shows. We cannot wait to connect with people at our upcoming tour shows and at festivals.”

15/11/23 – Brighton – Folkrooms
17/11/23 – Sheffield – Tesla Studios
18/11/23 – Frome – The Tree House
22/11/23 – London – Strongrooms

Supalung is an emerging indie band that’s been making waves in the music scene. Hailing from a small town, their music exudes authenticity and raw emotion. With a unique blend of folk-inspired melodies and alternative rock sensibilities, Supalung crafts songs that resonate deeply with listeners. Their introspective lyrics touch on themes of love, self-discovery, and the complexities of life. Fronted by a charismatic vocalist and backed by a tight-knit group of talented musicians, their live performances are a captivating experience. Supalung’s DIY ethos and commitment to their craft have garnered them a devoted following, proving that indie music is alive and thriving.

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