After years of gruelling vocal rehabilitation, Joseph Reuben recently stepped back into the spotlight to focus on his long overdue solo work. His first two singles, ‘Dreamland’ and ‘Maybe, In California’, introduced him as an artist with a distinctive vision. He captures the romance and grandeur of a bygone Hollywood age with a very modern yearning for something more. That complementary contrast inspires his music too, with the contemporary edge of James Blake or M83.

It’s a style which informs his debut EP ‘Welcome To Dreamland’, which is released alongside a cinematic video for his new single ‘Life In Colour’. LISTEN HERE.

‘Life In Colour’ provokes a powerful emotional reaction as Joseph forges a vivid cinematic flair that’s rooted in his background as a composer for film and television. His lyricism paints an equally potent picture, his words seeking the kind of life-altering, perspective-changing, all-encompassing love that perhaps only truly exists in fiction.

Joseph says, “‘Life In Colour’ is about wanting to experience the full cinematic version of life and romance. I wanted to describe the feelings I got as a kid watching movies and wanting to live in them. It’s about searching for a great, cinematic romance only seen and described in films. Hence the overly romantic and expressive nature of the lyrics.

It’s wanting to feel what everyone talked about as I was growing up, but I never felt anything. I felt very alone in not feeling the way others did. Maybe I was expecting to feel too much, too big a feeling? So I just wrote about truly yearning to feel something.”

The ‘Life in Colour’ video personifies the radiant strength of feeling of the song. Its moods are captured with its ever-evolving aesthetic, moving quickly from film-noir style black-and-white imagery to a widescreen feast of amplified, saturated colour. Its sumptuous glamour is heightened Joseph is seen driving a vintage Mercedes, borrowed from his friend Daisy Lowe.

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