Acclaimed singer/songwriter Matteo Bocelli gives a raw, emotional performance of his debut solo single in the “Solo” Acoustic video, rout now. In the clip, his voice rings clear and true as he performs alone at a Milan studio, accompanying himself on piano. View HERE.

“You need this artist on your radar,” said Euphoria. Magazine, hailing “Solo” as “a perfect debut single…irresistibly catchy and relatable.” Bocelli recently spoke about the song with Los Angeles’ “KTLA Morning News.” View the interview HERE.

“Solo” was released by Capitol Records in September along with this official video, which was shot in Italy’s majestic Dolomites mountains. It was directed by Gaetano Morbioli, who also helmed the official video for “Fall On Me,” a duet that paired Matteo with his father, opera legend Andrea Bocelli. Combined global streams of “Solo” now exceed three million.

Matteo, who is graduating at the Conservatory of Lucca in Tuscany, co-wrote “Fall on Me” for the elder Bocelli’s acclaimed 2018 album, Sì, which topped both the Billboard 200 and the UK Official Albums chart. The song, which has amassed nearly 300 million combined global streams, went on to soundtrack Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. The pair performed “Fall on Me” at Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl as well as on numerous television programs, including “Dancing with the Stars,” Colbert, “Good Morning America,” “Royal Family Variety Performance” and “Strictly Come Dancing.” It was a powerful introduction, yet Matteo’s musical journey began when he was a child.

By age six, he was learning piano, and at 18 he debuted on stage to sing Verdi at the Rome Colosseum. He’s worked his whole life to master his craft. But the melodies that emerge whenever the young man opens his mouth feel real in a way that can’t be explained by a classical education. He sings with a purity of expression that seems innate, with charisma and clarity of purpose.

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