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Kasien shares video for debut single ‘All I See’

Spiking his hair into a Mohican, Kasien lost himself in the mosh-pit ready sounds of Papa Roach and System of a Down.

‘All I See’, is the debut single from Kasien, one of UK hip hop’s most exciting new voices. The London-based artist is a singular talent whose name has been stirring in the underground for a short time, but today sees him deliver a powerful opening statement. ‘All I See’, produced by Cadenza and described by Kasien as being “about manifesting the better things in life to become a reality”, is part of an upcoming body of work, information on which will be announced soon.

Alongside the single comes its official video, directed by Walid Labri, showcasing the dichotomy of Kasien – in his words it was important “to strip back all the gloss and focus on a raw performance”. The clip sees Kasien link up with friends including Motherlan’s Slawn, upcoming Nigerian rapper Trill Tega and Benny Mails.

‘All I See’ follows 2019’s collaborative EP with Kelvin Krash, K2 and ahead of a featuring role on None Of Us Are Getting Out Of This Alive, the upcoming mixtape from The Streets.

Like his hero Jay Z, Kasien has formed unbreakable bonds with the producers he vibes with the most. AWGE-signed producer Kelvin Krash helmed his entire K2 project in 2019 while this year he’s shown his versatility by contributing to projects by The Streets and Cadenza.

At no point in his life has Kasien doubted himself. Whether he was in the playground spitting bars or in a foreign country winning people over with his personality, life has a way of coming good for him. “Things can never turn out bad if you believe that one day they’ll be good,” he says, explaining his positive attitude. “I’ve had my friends tell me things aren’t going to work out and I’ll say ‘trust me’ and we end up in the littest places. They’ll be looking at me shocked and I’ll just be like, “I knew it.” The more you get to know Kasien the more confidence you have that those scenarios are going to get more and more common as time goes on.