Rising genre-fusing artist Laurel Smith has shared her debut EP TRASHSTARWRLD, today, alongside dazzling new single ‘VAMPIRE ROMANCE’. Stream the EP here and watch the video here.

Packed with swirling and intoxicating hyperpop which blends effortlessly with Laurel’s smooth vocals, ‘Vampire Romance’ details a fantastical and unfulfilling love. The deeply artistic music video, directed by Matilda Harding-Kemp (Sam Fender, Arlo Parks), provides the perfect aesthetic backdrop for the single, showing the darkness and confusion of being in the twists of an entanglement.

“VAMPIRE ROMANCE follows the story of a high school girl who falls in love with a boy. Her friends warn her of his bad reputation but she ignores them, and later she finds out that he is a subhuman creature who lives off the blood of the girls he enters. The song can be taken in its literal sense, or as a metaphor about falling for someone who feeds off of love but never returns it”

Twenty year-old Laurel Smith is a North London born and raised artist and producer. Since beginning her journey as a songwriter at the age of sixteen, she has been combining elements of moody pop, hip-hop and electronic synths to create her unique and current sound that’s quickly garnered support from tastemakers including The Line of Best Fit, CLASH, Dummy, Notion, Upset and Dork.

TRASHSTARWRLD is the perfect encapsulation of Laurel’s dynamic sound. With tracks that delve into themes such as toxic relationships and mental health, each song carries its own unique aura and style, from the dark intensity of ‘EVERYBODY BLEEDS’ to the grooving beats of ‘LIKE THAT’. The EP displays a truly authentic outpouring of feelings and personal experiences, and cements itself as a deeply introspective introduction.

“I met up with Jay Flew and we created all four of the songs on the TRASHSTARWRLD EP in the first 3 days of working together. It was the first time in a while I had gone to a session or even sat down to write. I shared a lot of personal experiences and built-up emotion from the past year with Jay (usually pre-session over a coffee in the downstairs cafe of The Premises Studios), and I found the process very therapeutic, he really helped me turn all of it into something beautiful.

TRASHSTARWRLD feels like my first proper “artist introduction” to the world. The tracks are quite different in genre, but simultaneously seem to exist within the same realm. I’m a very visual writer and so I see each song as its own separate little world and storyline, which I also love to try and recreate in my music videos. Despite the other worldly nature of the EP, it comes from very strong, deep-rooted feelings, and I hope that will evoke the same emotion in my listeners”

Laurel will be making her festival debut at Wireless on Saturday 8th July.

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