Lucy May Walker, New Single

Lucy May Walker releases ‘Bad Day’ EP

“I do love a good go to hell song, and Lucy May Walker gives us exactly that with ‘Bad Day.’” – LA on Lock

Lucy May Walker’s latest single ‘Bad Day’ demonstrated that the young artist possesses the wit and warmth to add an enticing element to her already accomplished songwriting. In recent weeks she’s continued to highlight the track with a series of live acoustic streams, including her rooftop Isolation Sessions. The sessions included fresh takes on some of her favourite songs including Maisie Peters’ ‘Favourite Ex’, Shania Twain’s ‘You’re Still The One’ and the Britney smash ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’.

Lucy May now keeps that positivity driving onwards as she shares her brand new ‘Bad Day’ EP. It represents her second EP after her 2018 debut ‘Heartbreak Songs’ and finds Lucy filtering her own distinctive personality into modern folk and pop influences such as Lucy Rose, Nina Nesbitt and Maisie Peters.

“The ‘Bad Day’ EP is a collection of songs that form a diary of the last couple of years in my life,” says Lucy. “It takes you on a journey learning about family relationships, friendships and falling in love. Every song allows you to feel different kinds of emotion, from anger to nostalgia to love and all things in-between. I am really proud of the EP and hope people can connect with the songs.”

While the title track opens the EP with a mischievous sense of fun, the other songs showcase Lucy May’s versatility. Inspired by her love of Edinburgh, ‘Home From Home’ is an elegant, piano-focused tribute to the city. It celebrates all of its inimitable charms: its unchanging style, rainbows forming after sun-drenched days, and the timeless ambience of its cobbled streets.

She says, “Every year I visit the city to perform at the Fringe Festival and every time I return I’m always reminded about all the things I love about it: the people, the cobbled streets, even the rain is almost charming. For me it’s a place that really feels like a second home, somewhere I can go back to and get lost in.”

The remaining songs complete a snapshot of Lucy’s recent experiences in life. ‘Happy For You’ sets lovelorn and bittersweet emotions to upbeat folk-rock with sweet vocal harmonies, while ‘You Say You’ve Moved On’ offers a different angle on the unpredictable ways in which love and relationships change over time. And by the time the EP closes with the beautifully stripped down ‘Gold’, it’s evident that Lucy is poised for bigger things in the near future. 

Originally from Worcestershire and now based in London, Lucy May’s passion for music started when she was a child. She cultivated her talents in a DIY style, studying performing arts and playing open mic nights. That modest beginning resulted in a huge moment of exposure after Jeremy Vine saw her busking. He invited her to perform live on his Radio 2 show and subsequently on his Channel 5 discussion show too.

Her debut EP ‘Heartbreak Songs’ hit #3 on iTunes’ singer/songwriter chart, while early tracks including ‘Safety Net’ have also helped to earn airplay at BBC Introducing and Radio 2. Lucy May Walker is also an accomplished live performer. She’s sold out headline shows all over the UK, and also played to larger audiences as guest to artists as varied as Tom Speight, Lucy Spraggan, The Dunwells, Wet Wet Wet and Hue And Cry

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