After lighting up the world with her debut single, ‘If We Ever Broke Up’ – the biggest debut single globally so far this year –breakout star Mae Stephens returns with an equally infectious, sun kissed anthem entitled, ‘Mr Right’.


‘My Right’ serves up a slice of effortlessly cool, glittery disco – pop made for dancing summer nights away. On it, the 19-year-old rising star from Kettering swipes unsatisfactory men out of her life with what is quickly becoming her trademark sass as she continues her quest to find the right one for her.

The new single finds her joining forces with one of her childhood idols, Meghan Trainor, with the global superstar lending her inimitable vocals to the new track, “I am beyond honoured that Mae asked me to be a part of this song!!” Meghan said. “I have been a big fan of hers from afar on social media and was so excited when her team reached out. I am convinced that she is my long-lost little sister, and I am so excited that we now get to have a song together. Mae is a young legend, and I cannot wait for more and more people to discover her and to hear her incredible song writing and vocal skills. She is the sweetest and most talented girl and deserves all the success in the world! ❤”

“Meghan is an artist I have idolised for years!” Mae added. “She is the artist I aspire to be, so working with her has been an absolute dream come true! Especially working with a huge artist for the first time she just makes me feel so heard and comfortable! She is the ideal artist, the kindest person I have ever met and the most amazing MOTHER! Both to her kids and also as a role model music mother for me 🙂 Thank you Meghan!!! 💕🥰”

Before Mae woke up on New Year’s Day to find her song blowing up globally online, Mae was finding solace and sanctuary in her music-making between working shifts at her local Asda. A songwriter since the age of 12, she’d used music to guide her through the hardships of teenage life, pouring her heart out in emotional, impactful songs penned on her nan’s old piano,

“I used to be quite angry as a kid and I had a lot of pent-up tension, especially coming home from school,” she explains. “I tried so much to find what was going to help me release all of that – stuff like judo, skiing, biking. I tried so many things until it came to song writing. Just being able to sit, close the door, not have anyone around me and just have some space to think and let my emotions out into something creative was probably the one thing that really got me through school, other than my brother.”

Now, in Mae Stephens, Gen Z has found a new champion – an artist ready to use her voice to help others and provide the same kind of sanctuary in her music that it gave her while making it.

Catch Mae live on the following dates,

23rd August – Rock En Seine, France
25th August – Leeds Festival, Leeds
27th August – Reading Festival, Reading
28th August – All Points East, London

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