Ivor Novello award-winning singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson has announced his 5th album Little Weaknesses, alongside the release of his new single ‘Napoleon Dynamite’. Following a four-year hiatus, Jamie has returned with his most poignant and heartfelt work to date. Chronicling the earliest years of fatherhood and a newfound creative energy, Little Weaknesses is a record that embraces brightness and brims with optimism for the future.

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The first single, out today, features vocals from the young Kent singer-songwriter LAKY. With its folk, Americana soundscape, ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ takes inspiration from the hopeful soundtracks of the American indie teen movies that defined the 90s and early 00s. “I really love those films,” Jamie explains. “Their innocence, the coming of age of those films. This song is like that.”

Little Weaknesses sees Jamie Lawson return to music after a four-year break that saw the birth of his son in 2020. “Originally, I had intended to take six months off when he came along. And then the pandemic hit, and I had what felt like three years off,” he says. The time away instilled him with a desire to re-wire his creative process, following a period of immense career highs that included performances at Wembley Stadium and Croke Park, and tours with Ed Sheeran and James Blunt. Fatherhood brought a new sense of direction and meant any music he left his young family to play, perform or promote had to fulfil him completely.

“Having that time settled me into a style of music that I wanted to make that I wasn’t making,” he shares. “Now, I would say this record is not that far away from the others, but it does feel much more cohesive. I remember listening to some playlists, like Lost In The Woods or Fresh Folk, and just thinking: ‘Oh, this is where I should be sitting. This is the music I love. This is the music I get the most out of.’ It’s all quite simple, but it’s all quite beautiful. And there’s proper lyrical content, something going on that makes me think about things. Those are the songs I wanted to write.”

Little Weaknesses is 14 tracks of concise, emotive, painterly beauty. It’s a record that sees Jamie wholeheartedly embrace collaboration, working alongside a close-knit group of artists and friends, including multi-genre violinist Isabella Baker who arranged strings for six songs and songwriters Simon Aldred (aka Cherry Ghost) and Jack McManus. The entire album was crafted in Jamie’s music room in his family residence in Manchester and recorded by producer-collaborator Tim Ross at his home studio in Twickenham.

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