Pulled as the fourth track from her debut full-length SUCKERPUNCH, Maggie Lindemann has launched her rebellious new video/single ‘you’re not special.’ The video and track arrives following the release of previous singles ‘she knows it,’ ‘how could you do this to me?’ (feat. Kellin Quinn), and ‘break me!’ (feat. siiickbrain).

Listen to you’re not special HERE

Directed by Vixxion (she knows it), ‘you’re not special’ is heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 action-thriller film Death Proof. Coinciding with the message of the track, ‘you’re not special’ depicts Maggie and her friends taking matters into their own hands when confronting a creepy stalker.

“With ‘you’re not special,’ I wanted the song to make a statement,” Maggie shares. “Everyone has had to deal with someone in their lives who is two-faced—so kind to your face and mean behind your back. There’s always going to be someone judging you or hoping to see you fail, but rather than let those people get under your skin—keep doing you and pursuing your dreams. This song is an anthem for these people of Janus, maybe not the one they want, but it sure was fun to write!”

In April, Maggie announced the title of her debut full-length with an official website for the album that unlocks special content (liner notes from Maggie, BTS videos, song demos, release dates, music video trailers, etc) upon completing puzzles/ciphers. The site is conceptualised by Maggie with inspiration from the American horror film, SAW.

The 15-track collection chronicles a journey of self-discovery and actualization following the success of her brightly received 2021 EP PARANOIA. “It’s the journey from being upset to being angry to being hopeful – a hopefulness I want listeners to know exists for them, too,” Maggie shares. SUCKERPUNCH will drop on September 16, 2022. Preorder the album here.

In addition, Maggie has also announced two pop-up shows in Los Angeles at The Moroccan Lounge on October 15 and in NYC at The Mercury Lounge on October 19. Tickets will be on sale at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT and can be purchased here.

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