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LeAnn Rimes releases new anthem ‘The Wild’…

My new album as a whole looks at the duality of life, the light and the dark

GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, and author LeAnn Rimes released new track, “the wild,” off her upcoming album, god’s work (out, Sept. 16). The empowering anthem features GRAMMY-nominated country music artist Mickey Guyton and world-renowned queen of percussion and musician Sheila E., and is available to stream and download now through the link HERE.

Written and produced by LeAnn and longtime collaborator Darrell Brown, “the wild” kicks off with unmistakable vocals from Rimes and Guyton singing a mournful chant that is ignited with Sheila E.’s dynamic percussion and drums. The commanding sounds lay the groundwork for the powerful lyrics, which speak to the pushback and ridicule women face when voicing their opinion and speaking out. The track opens with “the persecution of the woman, the burning has gone on for too f**king long , the virgin is shattered, her blood on the door, she can’t claim the lover without claiming the whore,” setting the intention and sentiment of the song.

“My new album as a whole looks at the duality of life, the light and the dark, and I believe that is most apparent in ‘the wild,’” Rimes said. “The song is about the patriarchal world that has shaped us as a society, especially women… the silencing and fracturing of ourselves in order to fit into the pretty and polite societal box, throughout generations. It’s a battle cry to unite women to reclaim every part of our truest nature and no longer allow our wild, our ‘unholy’ to be ignored, shamed and rejected. It is full of rage… the kind of rage that calls us home. Rage, that ignites change and says, ‘I have been here all along, waiting for you to return to your wholeness. ’ And, I couldn’t be more excited to have such strong, kind hearted, ‘wild’ women featured alongside me. Mickey Guyton and Sheila E. helped make this track come alive!”

“the wild” is the fifth song to be showcased off of Rimes’ upcoming album, god’s work, out September 16th. The full track listing for the album includes a mix of ethereal, rhythmic, and grounded songs that take each listener on their own unique journey, exploring the duality of life and recognising the light and the dark in new ways. For god’s work, Rimes intentionally chose to go with an all-lowercase album title and track listing, explaining “If we’re arguing about why the ‘g’ is or isn’t capitalised, we’re missing the whole point. It’s so important for us to focus on the messages, rather than the nuances.”

Rimes is also currently in the midst of her tour, the story…so far, in support of god’s work and her ongoing 25th anniversary as a recording artist.