New Music Friday is here and we have put together a selection of new releases that we think should be on your playlist.


Donovan Woods shares new music with a second single from the record, the unflinching “Back For The Funeral”. Throughout an album of heart wrenching songs, none hit harder than “Back for the Funeral.” Taking place in a small town, a group of friends who haven’t seen each other in years return to memorialize a schoolmate after they overdosed on pills.

“There’s so much writing done about being back in your hometown and what it does to you,”
Woods explains. “But there’s the idea that you only go there with bad news—which can be true—and what it does to your feelings about your hometown.”

However, the song poignantly shows that even though someone may return to their hometown for unfortunate reasons, reconnecting with old friends is a positive byproduct of the circumstance.

Donovan Woods is currently on tour in the U.S. supporting Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. He heads to Australia on tour in June, before summer festival dates, and a North American headlining tour in support of his new record – for the full list of live dates visit HERE.


“Anyways, I Love You,” the new song from platinum-selling trio Wild Rivers, is debuting today.

Reflecting on the track, the group—Khalid Yassein, Devan Glover and Andrew Oliver—shares, “‘Anyways, I Love You’ is a song about loving someone through thick and thin. It’s saying that no matter what you do that annoys the hell out of me, you are still mine for the long haul. I think that often someone’s ‘worst’ traits are usually what makes them so special too, and seeing the whole of someone is true love. This song is meant to be a love song, but a realistic one. We aren’t perfect but I love you anyways. I think of this song as kind of an alternate universe version of our song ‘Thinking ‘Bout Love,’ where the couple stayed together and made it last through all the hardships.”

Known for their engaging live performances, Wild Rivers will embark on extensive headline tour this autumn including newly confirmed shows at New York’s Irving Plaza, Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, Los Angeles’ Fonda Theater, Boston’s Paradise Rock Club, Austin’s Scoot Inn, Chicago’s Vic Theater, Denver’s Ogden Theater, Seattle’s The Showbox and San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom among many others. See below for complete tour itinerary. Tickets for the fall dates are on-sale now, full details can be found at


Indie-folk duo Lemoncello share their long-awaited debut LP, a self-titled record. The album is available digitally and on CD. LISTEN HERE

Honest and deliberate, yet beguiling and oblique, Lemoncello challenges both writer and listener to define the undefined, to channel the universal into the intimate. A fluid record that arrives and settles like good company, Lemoncello both ground and transport the listener through nine-tracks; chronicling the journey of learning how to hold your own in life, amidst the growth, ending and renewal of relationships with ourselves and with others.

Following the release of singles ‘Harsh Truths’ and ‘Old Friend’, the album is today accompanied by focus single ‘Dopamine’ alongside a music video, which tackles these same themes through the technologically dystopian lens of doom-scrolling.


Ber launches new music with the new focus track ‘Whatever Forever’ of her new EP, a feelgood guitar-led groove that provides a spirited early summer vibe as the counterpoint to her more introspective recent songs. Ber’s lyrics celebrate how exhilarating it feels when someone steps into your life in such a way that suddenly anything feels possible. While it’s a song that feels completely in tune with a new romance, its inspiration instead comes from the power of friendship.

Ber says, “It’s rare to meet people that you wish would just stick around forever! After my first headline tour, I had fallen in love with my bandmates and friends that were on that tour and just couldn’t imagine a world where we didn’t get to do that for the rest of our lives. After a trip to LA to write and hang out with someone I had known for a long time, I left feeling so anxious to just get back to that place, in their car, on their roof, on their sofa just listening to our favourite songs and drinking wine, feeling so myself and so happy for the first time in what felt like forever.

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