Matteo Bocelli shares the stirring new single, “Fasi,” which features on his imminent debut album, Matteo, due September 22. On the piano-driven anthem, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter captures the emotional upheaval that comes with the ever-changing phases of life. It comes with a suitably raw music video that showcases the young artist’s towering charisma and showmanship.

Listen to “FASI” HERE

Written by Matteo along with the multi-platinum hitmakers Davide Petrella and Katoo, and produced by Canova, the searing track is a testament to the artist’s innate ability to express complex emotions. “Fasi” follows the release of the infectious track “For You” and the Ed and Matthew Sheeran-written ballad “Chasing Stars.”

After a number of sold-out headlining shows in California this summer, the crooner will be launching his first-ever world tour on September 30th in Berlin, Germany. He will be visiting 10 countries across the United States of America, Europe, and the Middle East, including a stop at London’s Palladium on October 3rd. Tickets are available at

“And I find myself thinking that in a sea of people you can’t find yourself anymore,” Bocelli beautifully sings in Italian as he comes to grips with his inner turmoil. The breakout star then pulls the vocal trigger on the chorus. “All memories are like salt that splits my skin, teach me to fall so no one takes from all the fears and all the beautiful things,” he belts over piano chords. “You can only learn if you fall.” Matteo Bocelli

In the video, Bocelli is depicted in a series of solitary, introspective places: before a piano, running through a field, shaving his beard, sitting on a bed as feathers rain down on him. The lonesome atmosphere drives home the phases the song attempts to grapple with.

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