Irish-born singer-songwriter Moncrieff has released a powerful video for his new single ‘Young Men’, which received its first national airplay on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders this week. The track is taken from his new EP ‘Highways & Hurricanes’, out now.


Directed by the award-winning Elle Brooks-Tao, produced by Roisin Moloney and starring Normal People’s Eanna Hardwicke, the hard–hitting and emotional video narrates an important message around men’s mental health. Watch it here.

Moncrieff says: “Growing up in small-town Ireland, men’s mental health was never something that was talked about.  As a man, If you’re hurting emotionally, you’re expected to man up and deal with it or failing that, as is so common in my area, all problems were pushed down and drowned with pints, joyriding, drugs, fighting and other destructive behaviour. As a result, young men have become experts at camouflaging their problems, often until it’s tragically too late.

I wanted to tell the real story. That behind the reckless behaviour and laddish exterior of a young man, lies a vulnerable, emotional human being who feels trapped in the psycho-emotional cage that the culture in Ireland and many other parts of the world have built for young men. 

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with Elle Brooks-Tao, who not only breathed life into the idea but brought a truly unique element of tenderness and human vulnerability to the video.”

Director Elle Brooks-Tao says: “I’ve always believed in film as a medium to help people feel not so alone in their thoughts or stuck in their emotions. Seeing a life, a character, an action or situation on screen can inspire us to see a different way to do things, or a new way to feel. I truly hope that every young man who watches this will consider their feelings and choices in a new light, and feel hope for their future when all hope seems lost.

Working with Chris was an invaluable way to get inside the head of a young man, his own and write authentic experiences based on memories shared from his life that he wanted to tie into the film. I’m grateful to have been trusted to help these characters come to life on screen, and I’m grateful for our producer Roisin, and the entire cast and crew who threw themselves into this sensitive subject, and donated their time and resources.

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