The rising pop artist Nessa Barrett confronts industry standards and SoCal toxicity on her raw new single ‘tired of california’, which is out now via Warner Records. It’s the latest irresistible anthem from the newcomer’s debut album ‘young forever’, which follows on October 14th and is available to pre-order HERE.

Throughout the song, Nessa explores the dark side of Los Angeles. “I get sick of sunshine on my perfect skin, vapid conversation, giving me the spin,” she begins. “Driving down Mulholland, closing both my eyes – ‘cuz they say you get more famous when you die.” The 20-year-old cuts to the chase on the addictive chorus: “I’m so tired of California, I’m so tired of L.A.,” she belts, “where the real thing comes as often as the California rain.”

‘tired of california’ is accompanied by a suitably atmospheric music video.

‘tired of california’ arrives soon after the release of Nessa’s delirious ‘madhouse’ and romantic ‘die first’, an emotional anthem about the fear associated with losing loved ones. Both songs are featured on ‘young forever’ which was co-written and produced with frequent collaborator Evan Blair, who also executive produced Nessa’s 2020 debut EP ‘pretty poison’.

From the pop-punk, Gold-certified smash ‘la di die’, featuring jxdn and Travis Barker on drums, to ‘dying on the inside’, released in the hope of raising awareness about eating disorders, Nessa has only become more dedicated to using her platform as a source of healing. With songs like ‘tired of california’, she continues to welcome listeners into her world with incredible pop hooks and bruising honesty.

Nessa will play the new songs live for the first time when she hits the stage at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas on October 22nd, 23rd and 29th. She will also headline the El Rey in Los Angeles on October 25th for the special album release show ‘YOUNG FOREVER LIVE!’.

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