Amidst the flurry of new music dropping today, we’re confident that the following artists’ new music will stand out.


‘Okay’ is surely the deepest, most reflective cut that Jake has ever released. The instrumentation is as sparse as possible, creating a minimalist soundbed to allow the tender but stirring soul of Jake’s voice to take the spotlight in a ballad of reassuring positivity. Its message is one that we all need to remember from time-to-time: you might find yourself in the storm of life’s challenges, but brighter moments are waiting just over the horizon. As the lyrics suggest (“Find me in the middle of the water, I’m going under, but I’ll be okay”) It’s a song that Jake wrote while in that exact situation. Listen HERE

He recalls, “It was ten o’clock at night. I was sitting by the piano, playing a few chords, and I had been going through the feeling of knowing where I wanted to get to, but the journey was making it seem impossible. It was a way to find reassurance that the night doesn’t last forever so it is a song for myself, to be honest. Every artist has songs they write for themselves, without knowing whether they will deliver it to the world or not.”


‘Love War’ sees Fiaa Hamilton debut as a fully formed artist. Set to dramatic, full-intensity electro-tinged pop her voice possesses a finesse that instantly feels like an old favourite. Describing herself as The Storyteller, ‘Love War’ explores her truth in a tale of wanting to break free of a relationship… only to be compelled to jump straight back in just as it seems to be over, creating a triangle of confusion. Listen HERE

Fiaa says, “Love War is about my best friend who went through heartbreak, his boyfriend was back and forth with him and because he’s the kindest soul ever he would forgive him. I think when we don’t have belief in ourselves and self-worth we allow people to take advantage of us, so I wrote him this song to see if it would help him leave him and it did! He walked out that door and there was no more “like before”…… music can do powerful things”.


Emmy Meli releases her debut EP Hello Stranger – featuring seven tracks that represent seven years of Emmy’s life, akin to a coming-of-age tale. Hello Stranger takes its name from Barbara Lewis’ 1961 R&B hit, which Emmy covers as the first track, paying homage to the musical influences that have shaped her journey. Listen to Hello Stranger HERE.

The EP was recorded with producer collective Some Randoms (Reneé Rapp, John Legend, Kehlani). The focus track “Aura” boasts a dynamic collaboration with rapper Baby Tate, weaving through a narrative of self-discovery and personal growth – just the right anthem to bring us into the headspace we need for hot girl summer 🌞

About the release, Emmy shares: “Aura is a song for the people who glow from the inside out. Whose beauty and effervescence turn every head in the room because they shine in such an inexplicable way. It’s for those who’ve grown into exactly who they’re meant to be because they stay true and everyone can tell. If a song could smell good, it would be Aura.”


Genre-blending singer-songwriter Georgia Webster introduces her new sound and puts her stamp on situationships—”relationships without commitment, ultimately leaving one party confused and heartbroken despite the reassurance of feelings from the other”, defines Webster—with the announce of her third project, SIGNS, out May 31st (PRE-SAVE/ADD HERE). Finding inspiration from Olivia Rodrigo, Kelsea Ballerini, Kacey Musgraves, and Lennon Stella, who all share the empowering female perspective of broken relationships, Webster laments the “will they, won’t they” feelings she encountered while previously navigating young love.

The eight-song collection features the previously released tracks, “Attention” and “Delusional,” and Webster’s most recent collaboration, “This Ain’t A Breakup (feat. Nightly),” out today.

“I wrote ‘This Ain’t A Breakup’ about a situationship that ended last year. This guy and I had been going on dates and doing all sorts of relationship-type things, but we never put a label on it. When he ended it with me, it felt like I was going through the worst breakup of my life. As I was feeling all the emotions, I thought of the lyric ‘if this ain’t a breakup, then why am I broken?’ and took it to the studio with some of my friends later that week.”


Opening up fearlessly once again, Los Angeles-based vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rett Madison unveils “Kiki (Rett’s Take)” today. Listen HERE.

“Kiki” originally graced Rett’s acclaimed 2023 sophomore album and Warner Records debut, One for Jackie, as a collaboration with Iron & Wine. However, she opted to strip the song back to its bare essence with nothing more than acoustic guitar and a plaintive, pensive, and powerful solo vocal performance. Her vulnerable delivery instantly strikes a chord as she assures, “Kiki, don’t you listen to their lies. It was a gift being the mother in your life.” As a tribute to her late mom Jackie, the Mother’s Day release of the track proves significant for the songstress.

About “Kiki (Rett’s Take),” she said, “When I was growing up, my mom nicknamed me “Kiki”. After she passed away unexpectedly, I didn’t have closure. I wrote “Kiki” from my mom’s perspective and imagined what she’d want to tell me if she could speak with me now.”


The story of Blancmange is one of two distinct chapters. In the early ‘80s they infused the emergent synth-pop scene with oblique lyrics, wry British humour and occasionally tabla-tinged sonics, an unlikely mix which saw them soar into the Top 10 with singles such as ‘Living On The Ceiling’, ‘Blind Vision’ and ‘Don’t Tell Me’. And since 2011’s Blanc Burn album they’ve taken that singular style into a new century and somehow become more prolific than ever. Now Blancmange bring all – well, 38 to be precise – of these highlights together with the career-spanning collection Everything Is Connected out now on London Records. Listen HERE.

Everything Is Connected shows that Blancmange’s roads less travelled are just as remarkable as their big hits. While some of the songs may be new to you, their textures are familiar: primary-coloured electronics with a hidden edge, or a rain-spattered bleakness that’s somehow comforting, often delivered with blunt Northern humour. It’s like discovering new rooms in a house you thought you knew.

Vocalist and songwriter Neil Arthur says, “I’m really lucky to be able to make the music completely on my own terms. Within myself there are no limits, there’s a massive palette inside and I will try anything.”

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