On 17 June Nick Cave will release Seven Psalms on limited edition 10” vinyl and via streaming services. The new project features seven spoken word pieces set to music by Nick Cave in collaboration with Warren Ellis, and a 12 minute instrumental, recorded during the Carnage album sessions. It was produced by Nick Cave with Luis Almau.

The vinyl will be released on Cave Things, Cave’s online store which launched in 2020, and available in record stores worldwide. The outer sleeve evokes the cover of a hymn or prayer book, printed on embossed petrol blue with a jewel-like title and crucifix rendered in metallic gold.

While in lockdown I wrote a number of psalms, or small, sacred songs—one a day for a week. The seven psalms are presented as one long meditation—on faith, rage, love, grief, mercy, sex and praise. A veiled, contemplative offering borne of an uncertain time. I hope you like it.’ Nick Cave

Those purchasing via Cave Things will also receive an exclusive Psalms Prayer Card.


Side A

How Long Have I Waited?

Have Mercy On Me

I Have Trembled My Way Deep

I Have Wandered All My Unending Days

Splendour, Glorious Splendour

Such Things Should Never Happen

I Come Alone And To You

Side B

Psalm Instrumental

Design by Nick Cave and Tom Hingston

About Cave Things

Cave Things is a shop that sells playful, mysterious, subversive things that are designed, drawn, written or recorded by Nick Cave. It’s a store to buy beautiful objects and strange gifts; from jewellery to tea sets, from t-shirts to stationery. It’s a home for books and recordings that sit in a place entirely of their own.

From Nick Cave

I am essentially a songwriter. Yet, people who understand my stuff know that it doesn’t end there. There has always been a strong, even obsessive, visual component to the process of songwriting—a compulsive rendering of the lyric as a thing to be seen, to be touched, to be examined. I have always done this—basically drawn my songs—for as long as I’ve been writing them. Cave Things are the incidental residue of an over-stimulated mind—situated beyond merchandise but before art.

When the pressure of songwriting gets too much, well, I draw a cute animal or a naked woman or a religious icon or a mythological creature or something. Or I take a Polaroid, or make something out of clay. I do a collage, or write a child’s poem and date stamp and sticker it, or do some granny-art with a set of watercolour paints. The result—Cave Things

Available to pre-order now HERE

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