Lekkerboy is the perfect reflection of the journey Sticky Fingers have been on thus far. Written over the pandemic and the first time in thirteen years that the band were isolated from each other, living in different places across the country, the band eventually reconnected to make some of their best work to date.

Beaker shares, “Even when the world stops our story keeps unravelling and we’re good at capturing that story. Lekkerboy is open to your own interpretation and the poetry is left for the taking…But for me this album is raw and already feels nostalgic – It’s really big and full of heart.”

Freddy explains, “The momentum was too strong and the resulting recording sessions at the Grove further affirmed how massive all these songs were. Lekkerboy is our biggest and longest album yet which I know fans have been gaggin for. I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved, and I can’t wait to take it to the world. It’s time to bop!”

The band held onto “Lupo the Wolf” until the bitter end as they knew it was something the fans would love and they wanted to make a moment surrounding the song and the video clip. A “classic” Sticky Fingers song with all the right sounds in the right places it’s one they are very excited about releasing. Seamus says “Lupo The Wolf has got such an energy. It’s a bombastic song. It’s dirty, it’s cool and it’s got a throwback to our old stuff but also pushing forward in a new way. The clip for it is so cool. Dizza said he’d been reading about this guy Lupo The Wolf, this gangster and Pats like hell ya let’s write about that. It was one of the first sessions we did down in Wollongong so really lifted the spirits early on and got the ball rolling. It’s a heater.”

Previously released singles all have seen millions of streams and excitement that this is another Sticky album that will last forever in fans minds.

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