Nobody – ‘Daydreamer’ review by George Kirby

New Music Friday is undoubtedly the highlight of the week for any music fan with ravenous ears. However, it is not often a gem like ‘Daydreamer’ from Nobody rises out of the ether. It is a jewel with a unique style that stands out for all the right reasons, and it instantly kicks off as it means to go on!

Furthermore, London-based, Nobody captivates quickly with this new record, and she articulates a message about looking at life as a visionary. She speaks with little ambiguity, and her straightforward story is prevalent, given that the majority of us have been pining for better days during the last year.

Fusing modern alt-pop with nostalgic hooks, Nobody paves the way forward, and she showcases a skill that is striking for an artist still rising the echelon. But, she is taking giant leaps at rapid speed, and her confidence musically will catapult her even further.

Vocally, Nobody adopts an unorthodox technique, and she sings with a harmonically rich texture, challenging to resist. Also, she proves to be a potent storyteller too with her thought-provoking wordplay leaving us gripping to every word. Similarly, the music takes on a new path in a scene that regularly follows the status quo. The approach leaves a distinct refreshing taste in one’s mouth, with the mesmerising flow pulling us closer to the mix as it progresses.

Towards the latter, the track gets a whole new lease of life, and the pace picks up with omnipotence. So much so, the instruments blaze with glory, and the thunderous drum rhythm gets the endorphin levels rising through the roof.

‘Daydreamer’ by Nobody is out now on all major streaming platforms, and it is already sending a shockwave across the alt-pop realms. As a result, 2021 is going to be a bright year for Nobody.

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