Peach Tree Rascals share their sophomore EP Does a Fish Know it’s Wet?. The collective’s signature “Rascal Pop” sound returns in this unabashedly upbeat project, hinting that the group behind these easy-breezy beats is just as lighthearted and fun. Accompanying this launch is new single “Moped,” a sun-kissed track which evokes the sincerity and adventure evident throughout this persevering EP.

Moped” picks us up on a balmy summer afternoon, weaving in and out of traffic and slick verses. Coasting over a carefree beat, smooth vocals croon, “I know that the days are numbered like the summer and our time is slipping away/No wonder I’m a sucker for your love,” The melodic hook continues, “so baby just/Hold on to me/In the passenger seat/We be swervin’ through streets/Keep holdin’ on to me,” inviting us along for the ride.

Peach Tree Rascals set things in motion with the energetic “Song From Hell,” continuing the band’s surf rock/hip hop hybrid that bumped them in the limelight with their smash-hit “Mariposa.” The release of “Let U Go” and its accompanying music video showcased the band’s impossibly infectious personality infused in both music and visuals. The song works through a seesawing relationship: “My baby calls but she never gets ahold of me/She’s out the door while I’m sleeping in til 3/But I never wanna let you go, never wanna let you go, never gonna let you.” This is depicted in the music video through intense arguments with a significant other offset by goofy footage of the group having fun. The closing track “TINYA” rounds out the EP with a more mellow approach. The self-assured “Good Advice” proclaims, “If I take my own advice/I know I’ll be ok/On my own side/Me I won’t fade away.” The collective preaches the importance of trusting your gut, and as evidenced by this project, it seems like they’re on the right track.

With Does a Fish Know it’s Wet?, it’s clear that Peach Tree Rascals are having fun – and that they hope that you are too. The EP exudes the confident streak of an emerging group sure of themselves and their inimitable good vibrations. Each track contains a multitude of genres, ranging from hip hop to indie rock to funk, endearing the work to audiences across the board. With themes of love and adventure explored through the lenses of Peach Tree Rascals rose-colored glasses and golden blend of genres, Does a Fish Know it’s Wet? is sure to be the soundtrack for the summer.

Peach Tree Rascals say this of the EP:

“This EP represents our journey from starting out in a shed, completely outside of the industry, to being signed to our first record deal and the pressures we’ve faced after seeing the success of “Mariposa.” We came up with the concept of Does a Fish Know it’s Wet? because sometimes we don’t realize the decisions we make regarding our sound and brand are a result of being influenced by the industry (the metaphorical water) around us, hence not understanding if we are “wet” or not. We really resonate with this ‘fish in a tank’ idea that we portrayed through our cover art because we feel we are being put on display for the whole world to see. We felt the pressure of having to follow up a song like “Mariposa” and wanted to continue on that path and put out music that was equally as uplifting and upbeat as the track that helped us get our feet in the industry. Through that process, we have learned how to create music that is still authentic to the way we communicate but also attempts to push us into a more ‘commercial’ sound. We’re still working on taking all of the pieces that work and make us PTR, and combining them into the influence that will be our debut album next year.”

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