The rising Tamil-Swiss artist Priya Ragu is set to release her long-awaited debut album ‘Santhosam’ on October 20th. The album is launched alongside the new single ‘Vacation’, which has just premiered on Radio 1 as Jack Saunders’ Hottest Record. ‘Santhosam’ is set to amplify Priya’s ascent, which took flight with the huge reaction that greeted her mixtape ‘damnshestamil’. The mixtape led to a flurry of achievements for Priya, including a BBC Sound Poll nomination; breaking artist accolades from MTV, Amazon Music, Spotify, VEVO and Deezer; ongoing support from Radio 1; and a show-stealing TV debut on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’.


‘Santhosam’ (the Tamil word for ‘happiness’) is a standout dynamic album which takes her raguwavy sound – simmering R&B, masterful pop hooks, earthy soulful vocals, dance beats, and the warm tabla rhythms, and spiralling melodics of Tamil music – to even more adventurous heights. Defined by Priya’s contagiously positive spirit, it pulsates with gorgeously varied musical textures and urgent political themes. Once again crafted in collaboration with her brother and producer Japhna Gold, it’s an album that originates from Priya’s quest for self-discovery.

Priya says, “The album is my story of finding happiness. It helped me find my purpose in life. Maybe it will help others, too.”

The new single ‘Vacation’ is indicative of both the album’s uplifting sonic flair and its inner theme of connecting with yourself. Its sun-kissed pool-side sway and sumptuously sweet vocal harmonies feels like an escape from the daily working grind, a sound that complements lyrics about acknowledging the dangers of burnout and becoming overwhelmed by the pressures of expectations.

Priya adds, “That song came about while we were touring and writing at the same time. We just reached a limit. We were exhausted from all of the travelling, creating and never really being home, so we booked a flight to India. But it’s not just about being a pop star or being creative. Even when I had my office job, I was lost in that. That song is a reminder of how important it is to give yourself a break, to step back, let loose and allow yourself to recharge your batteries.”

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