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Red Moon joins forces with Shura

It takes Red Moon’s delicate vocals and pairs them with progressive, driving electronics

Pop artist Red Moon joins forces with British songwriter/producer Shura and Australian multi-instrumentalist/producer Anatole for two unique and dynamic remixes of her previously released track ‘Dogma’, out now. 

Shura’s version of the track is characteristic of her infectious yet melancholic style. It takes Red Moon’s delicate vocals and pairs them with progressive, driving electronics. Shura says, “One of my favourite things about remixes is reimagining an alternate universe for a song’s existence. Red Moon’s original is beautiful and I, for some reason (maybe because I can’t leave the house!), wanted to turn it into a version that would sound good in a club in space.”

In contrast, Anatole’s remix showcases his trademark atmospheric production which complements the original melody with soft piano highlights and organic beats.  

Named Line of Best Fit’s ‘Song of The Day’ when it was released in February, ‘Dogma’ is a life-affirming pop track that provides an ethereal yet raw portrayal of the internal dialogue of a young generation conflicted by traditional ways of thinking. Conceived in the depths of Nittedal, a sleepy Norwegian town shrouded in forests, it was born from a place of critical self-examination and genuine curiosity. The song revolves around the original meaning of the Greek word ‘dogma’, which translates as “that which one thinks is true” or to seem good”

Red Moon explains, “My question is: ‘can we live an unfiltered life?’ One where we can be open. It seems pretty unthinkable that it would be possible or make sense, since without all the knowledge and experience from ourselves and our ancestors, who would we even be? Can we be better? And I am not talking about the advanced technology that will bring us to a different level, but the spiritual levels, shared bonds and knowledge and understanding for each human…”

With her striking and powerful vocals at the forefront, the original track combines hypnotic piano melodies with beautifully written lyrics. These elements were taken and remolded by Shura and Anatole, transporting the track into two completely different sound worlds.