Irish duo Saint Sister reveal the brand new video for single ‘Is It Too Early? (Kilmainham)’. The dreamlike video follows a seemingly invisible man (played by actor and comedian Manus Halligan) placed in a variety of familiar social situations – a football match, birthday party, student night out. Although no one in the room seems to notice him, he is the only one who notices us, the audience.

Of the video, director Ellius Grace says:

‘He is trying out these different scenes and crowds, and still doesn’t fit in, he still remains unseen. He represents social anxiety, and is our view into all these places. We become voyeurs to scenes all over the city through this surreal dream-like journey.

Each scene and scenario references a different facet of Dublin, and also speaks to the myriad different levels that a person can feel anxiety and discomfort in social situations. There is a morbid sense of humour in the video too, which is brought out by the surreal scenes, and the excellent performance by our star Manus Halligan. His borderline miserable stare at the camera is exacerbated by the (often joyous) situations he’s found himself in. It was important to both the band and I that we didn’t let the video be too sad or dark, so this tragic humour acts to balance against the melancholic tone of the song.’

Inspired by the formative experience of their first worldwide tour, Saint Sister conceived ‘Is It Too Early? (Kilmainham)’ in Kilmainham but developed it across a number of locations around the globe. The track incorporates R’nB beats intertwined with the band’s signature harmonies and Irish harp. ‘Is It Too Early? (Kilmainham)’ is Saint Sister’s first release of 2019. It follows their 2018 debut record ‘Shape of Silence’, which contained singles ‘Causing Trouble’ and ‘You Never Call’ and received a highly coveted Choice Music Prize nomination.

Saint Sister will return to London to play a headline show at Omeara on Wednesday 2nd October. Tickets can be found here –

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