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Sally Dige releases ‘I Will Be The Sun For You’

Sally Dige is back with the new underground-pop track “I Will Be the Sun for You”,

Sally Dige is back with the new underground-pop track “I Will Be the Sun for You”, a heartful and uplifting song featuring mandolin, balalaika and plucky rhythmic strings alongside Dige’s dulcet voice and moving lyrics. The track will be released on all digital music platforms on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022.

“I Will Be the Sun for You” was initially written as a beacon of positivity during a difficult time. During the frustration of lockdown in Berlin, Dige (pronounced “Dee-Ah”) was trying to write but found herself getting down, going nowhere and listlessly staring out the window. Finally the thought struck her to write something joyful. “It’s easier and more natural for me to write melancholic songs, like my songs before, but I really wanted to write something that was entirely positive and joyful,” says Dige. “That in itself was challenging.”

During a time when everyone was deep in stress, anxiety and blues, the focus on positivity was more important to her than ever. “It’s a love song, but not just in the conventional sense,” says Dige. “It’s the love that someone brings into your life who uplifts and supports you. It’s also about one’s relationship with the universe, what others might call ‘faith’, and whoever and whatever it is we reach for when we most need it. That is our sun. Our light at the end of the tunnel. The Sun is the symbol of the inner light in all of us.”

With plucked staccato strings, arpeggiated sounds and airy strumming of traditional instruments driving the song forward, “I Will Be the Sun for You” is a song that feels just as joyous as her lyrics beckon; still with a hint of Dige’s signature melancholia. The layered instrumental chorus feels like a grand festivity coming together; a celebration of dancers in a field on a bright summer’s day. “I Will Be the Sun for You” is a message – even if just for oneself – that no matter how endless these dark and isolating times feel, there is indeed a light that we can reach for within ourselves.
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