British singer songwriter Sam Tompkins releases his brand new single ‘dead to me’ – listen HERE. From his upcoming debut album ‘hi, my name is insecure’. Pre-order HERE. The video will be released at 19:00 BST.

‘Dead to me’ is a powerful and freeing track which sees Sam release the frustrations of an unhealthy relationship. His raspy and gritty tones paired with his passionate lyrics bring to life a truly liberating single. Accompanying the track is a music video which Sam filmed whilst in Iceland and sees him in an beautifully remote location, again expressing the freeing yet lonely realisations of losing someone through a break up.

Speaking on the single Sam says, “‘dead to me’ came at a time when I’d supposedly finished my album. I was actually writing it for another artist entirely but it came out and I just loved it. I have always compared breaking up with someone to grieving in a way. When you have to cut contact with someone, it’s almost as if they’re not with you anymore. As someone who has experienced both sides of the spectrum of it, I feel it’s a lot similar in feeling than people might say. ‘dead to me’ comes from a point of anger; when you’ve finally said “enough is enough, I can’t do this with you anymore. It’s a cycle and I need to break it”. The “I hope you rest in peace, because you’re dead to me” came to me first and then the rest of the song just wrote itself. I think because I wrote it from another person’s perspective, I was a little bit more free with how I presented the song and that’s why it sounds the way it does. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written because of that. I’m really excited for the world to hear it!”

Sam’s highly anticipated upcoming debut album ‘hi, my name is insecure’. Years in the making as Sam built his dream body of work, incorporating tracks which are already fan favourites alongside exciting new material. The album includes hit tracks ‘someone else’, ‘time will fly’, ‘see me’, ‘lose it all’, ‘phones in heaven’, ‘numb’ and new single ‘dead to me’.

The future looks bright for Sam Tompkins as he looks ahead to more incredible music, captivating live shows and deepening his connection with his audience. Championing authenticity without taking himself too seriously, and using his ever-growing platform to encourage others to do the same, he is an artist apart.

Sam has also recently announced that he will be going on a Record Store Tour in the UK. Dates and locations can be found below. Buys tickets HERE

‘hi, my name is insecure’ UK Record Store Tour

25th July Pryzm Kingston, London
26th July Rough Trade East, London
28th July Resident, Brighton
29th July Rough Trade, Bristol
30th July HMV The Vault, Birmingham
31st July Rough Trade, Nottingham

4th August Rough Trade, Liverpool

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