Dean Lewis has shared the latest preview of his highly anticipated third album, with the release of his new single, ‘All I Ever Wanted’. The single comes following a string of critically acclaimed releases over the last year. Listen Here.

Equally moving and resonant in both its composition and its message, ‘All I Ever Wanted’ is the embodiment of the classic sliding doors moment, with Dean looking to his past when he was faced with the choice of pursuing a serious relationship or a career in music.

Against a tender acoustic introduction, Dean remembers this heartbreak with raw vulnerability: “All my mistakes, oh I took you for granted, I was looking for something when I already had it”. With a delicate vibrato in his voice and a powerful crescendo, ‘All I Ever Wanted’ is as fragile as it is striking, and as personal to Dean as it is relatable to his wider audience.

Reflecting on its inspiration, Dean Lewis admits there’s a deep sense of regret and naivety associated with the missed opportunities the track focuses on; “‘All I Ever Wanted’ is about when you realise that what you had at the start with someone before things got crazy and blew up was great, and the grass isn’t always greener. The thing that I had with this girl before I pursued my dreams, she was everything I ever wanted, I just didn’t realise it at the time. I needed to go and try and make something of myself, and you get to that place where you realise that she was all I ever wanted, and I wish I could go back.”

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