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Sarah Kinsley Shares New Single ‘Karma’

Karma Will Be The First Single Through New Independent Label, Everybody’s Music

Sarah Kinsley is pleased to share her new single, “Karma”. The track is her first through new independent record label, Everybody’s Music.

Listen to Karma HERE

Sarah Kinsley, who recently made a sizeable splash with a recent clip on Tik Tok that emphatically answers the question, ‘why don’t women produce music?’, merges a propulsive, timeless disco sound with an almost Rumours-esque Fleetwood Mac ear for melody and drive. It sounds almost of another era, but also fresh and exciting, existing in a bubble all of its own. Sarah cites her influences as diverse as Abba to Beach House, but Karma finds a nook bereft of comparison. A multi-talented musician, Sarah performs all synths, beats, guitars and vocals, whilst also taking up duty behind the glass in the production seat too. It’s a bright and breezy introduction, with an EP due to follow later in the Spring.

Sarah Kinsley recalls listening to the music of kids’ shows burned onto a CD by her dad as one of her earliest, fondest memories. The instant connection with music was enforced by learning the major and minor scales on the piano before she was four years old. Rather than baulk at practicing, she spent almost every waking hour listening to the notes and honing her craft. As the scales turned to songs, Sarah learned how to play ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield, and with each new musical obsession she’d quickly learn how it was played and how to play it. At 12, Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory acted as the catalyst and the fire to suggest that music could become more than simply listening to records and playing them back on the piano.

Sylvan Esso, Khurangbin, HAIM, and even the electronic music producer and YouTuber Marc Rebillet. These are some of the musicians that Sarah enthuses about, and who produce a ‘pure and raw energy’ that she finds so intoxicating. Exhilarating. She started to write her own music with this innate feeling in mind, arriving firstly at “melodramatic and ridiculous” initial attempts. So she wrote some more, honing the process. Scrubbing out most of the ridiculous whilst keeping the melodrama close at hand. Karma streams from today. A colourful, blue-sky-sunshine-dappled poem of a song.

“Karma was written completely by mistake around July or August of this past year. I had hit a wall with another song I was writing, I had such terrible writer’s block. All the lyrics I had churned out were repetitive, all pseudo-copycats of past work. I was recording a voice memo – as it usually goes since I love recording everything I sing or attempt to say – just mumbling on and on trying to expand the lyrics of this other song for a few minutes. And then there’s a moment in the recording where you can hear me actually realize these two phrases rhyme, karma and I want ya. I just completely moved to the next idea and started singing. Your superstition, my intuition says I want ya. Everything completely set fire after that. I turned on my amp and began settling into chords. I produced the chorus that same day.”