Composed primarily of love songs, the new project from LA-based artist and producer SEB we were so beautiful sees him experiment with not only his sound, but his sources of inspiration. Fresh off his first tour in the US, supporting JAWNY and his first international dates in London, Paris, Copenhagen and Brighton, SEB has now found his way home to California.

For his latest single “home2u” he draws on repetitive house rhythms to create a pulsating, driving beat, before switching things up for a bridge which showcases his love for The Beatles. SEB’s far-reaching personal taste is all over this project, inspired by Tyler, The Creator, Grimes and Joni Mitchell too, his artistry weaves together references from disparate worlds creating his own space, free of any limitations.

He says “when I was making this project, I started to find a lot of inspiration through fiction. it’s okay we’re dreaming I and II were more like snapshots of my life at the time. I kept those as truthful and honest as possible. But I wanted to reach beyond me for this one. I wanted to tell stories and explore different feelings that are new and fresh to me. My favourite “genre” of writing is love songs because of the language used in them. I wanted to explore as many emotions as I could using that language. So take these songs as a collection of short stories. Heartbreak, fear, love, fun, all of that.”

As an entertainer and storyteller, who has put a lot of emotional work into his lyrics, he came to the realisation “baring my soul is a lot to put myself through.”

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An adventure to demonstrate his skill as both a producer and musician, the tracks across the EP benefit from SEB’s diverse taste and eclectic inspirations as well as his reflective attitude. He explains “we were so beautiful is me looking back at who I thought I was and realising those ideas don’t define me now. With this project, I wanted to push myself in both subject matter and production and start reaching beyond my own lived experiences. The title itself is me appreciating my early naïveté while also acknowledging that I no longer see things the same way any more.”

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