There are certain albums in the extensive Neil Young Archives that take on a unique life of their own. Maybe it’s their rarity, or a galvanizing reputation that sets them apart. One of the most anticipated releases in this ongoing musical march is the live collection ‘Odeon Budokan’, which was recorded with Crazy Horse and is scheduled for release on September 1st via Reprise Records, Neil Young’s home label for over 50 years.

Originally recorded in 1976 at two venues almost a world apart – Hammersmith Odeon in London and Nippon Budokan Hall in Tokyo – the ten-track album includes an electrifying range of songs, from well-known classics to true surprises. Tracks on Side 1 were recorded in London on March 31st, 1976, and feature Neil Young’s solo set on guitar and piano from the first half of the concert. Side 2 tracks were recorded two weeks earlier on March 11th, 1976, with Young and Crazy Horse at an early electric apex.

This is the first official vinyl release of the previously unissued ‘Odeon Budokan’. The album was previously only available on CD as part of Neil Young’s ‘Archives Volume II’ collection, which was released in 2020 and presented in the highest-grade audio fidelity. Young’s songs like ‘Cowgirl In the Sand’, ‘Cortez the Killer’, ‘Lotta Love’, ‘Stringman’ and others are heard at their absolute highest peak.

This album was produced by David Briggs shortly after the 1976 tour. It was put on hold because of other albums that were being made and released at the time.

‘Odeon Budokan’ is now available to pre-order HERE.

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