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Sharon Corr releases new single ‘Freefall’

Sharon Corr today releases the second single taken from her upcoming third studio album

Multi-instrumentalist, award-winning singer songwriter Sharon Corr today releases the second single taken from her upcoming third studio album: listen to ‘Freefall’ here and pre-order the album, The Fool & The Scorpion, here.

‘Freefall’ is a deceptive track; its upbeat musicality and vibrant melodies soundtrack Sharon as she embraces then releases her rage at life taking a turn for the worse. In the end, she finds a way back to her true self and the strength she always knew she had.

Sharon said: The inspiration for this song came to me as life as I knew it was falling apart. I was forced to discover my strength, face the truth and confront my anger. Anger has its place in propelling you towards yourself; it can show you reality and make you strong enough to deal with it all, filling you with purpose to expel what’s wrong and move towards your independence and your calling. For me, that calling is music.

Sharon’s third studio album, The Fool & The Scorpion, is due to be released on 24th September. The album is available for pre-order now. Fans pre-ordering vinyl or CD copy of the album via Amazon can also secure an exclusive signed print of Sharon – available here.

Driven by songwriting greats such as Nick Drake and Joni Mitchell, Sharon drew from a period of time she calls “the biggest storm of her life” for the album’s inspiration. As a result, the record is a cohesive body of work; a journey which centres on the desire to push on, to have faith and belief in yourself and your purpose. The 10-track album was recorded live in just 20 days at The Village in LA, with Larry Klein (Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell) on producing duties and Tim Pierce (Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Selena Gomez) on guitar. The album’s musicality highlights Sharon’s accomplishments as a multi-instrumentalist with over 30 years of songwriting behind her.

Alongside her siblings, Sharon was awarded an MBE in recognition of The Corrs’ musical success and charitable work. The band also secured two GRAMMY nominations and won countless other awards, including Best International Group at the BRIT Awards. In 2019 Sharon was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Open University in recognition of her contribution to education and culture.

As part of The Corrs, Sharon sold in excess of 45 million albums, toured arenas and stadiums across the globe and became a household name on every continent. With two solo albums under her belt, Sharon has enjoyed the freedom of total artistic expression with beautifully crafted melodies and intimate lyrics at the heart of her songwriting. The Fool & The Scorpion promises to be an example of her storytelling prowess as she invites the listener to share in her joy, her heartache, and everything in between.