Not content with landing their first ever #1 album in their 30th year with ‘A Matter of Time’, Shed Seven with their upcoming reworked orchestral hits set ‘Liquid Gold’ could well become their second, with pre-order sales surpassing what was achieved the last time around. Shed Seven’s next step takes them back to the beginning as they share the new version of ‘Speakeasy’, the original of which featured on their 1994 debut album ‘Change Giver’.

While ‘Speakeasy’ (listen here)is a consistent crowd-pleasing moment in Shed Seven’s live sets, this new ‘Liquid Gold’ casts it in an entirely new light. The strings provide it with a portentous, heavyweight new sense of drama, and, just as importantly, the band’s performance is so much more accomplished. The power and clarity of Rick Witter’s vocals heighten the vengeful spirit of its lyrics, Paul Banks’ solo adds a fresh, classic tone, and there’s a tighter rhythmic punch to complement the stabbing strings.

The ‘Liquid Gold’ album offers an alternative gateway into Shed Seven’s world – their most famous hits now presented in a widescreen format that can entice a new audience. Reimagined by the band in collaboration with arrangers Fiona Brice (Liam Gallagher, Placebo) and Michael Rendall (who worked on both ‘A Matter of Time’ and 2017’s Top 10 comeback ‘Instant Pleasures’) with a brass section and gospel singers, the career-spanning set was first previewed by ‘Devil In Your Shoes’.

‘Liquid Gold’ is available to pre-order HERE. Fans who pre-order the album from the band’s official store have the opportunity to win one of the handwritten notes and lyric sheets that feature in the album’s artwork. There are also some must-have retailer exclusive limited edition formats, including Assai Records’ signed silver Obi Edition, and a signed gold-and-black splatter double-vinyl with an etched D-side from The Sound of Vinyl.

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