Introducing Lithuanian-born pop/rock rising star, Bea, who has today announced the release of her EP, Welcome To The Broken Hearts Club. Spanning 6 tracks and arriving on 7th August, the EP explores themes of heartbreak and the complexities of relationships..

Bea has said of the EP, “Welcome To The Broken Hearts Club is a shout of freedom. A rollercoaster of emotions and like a mirror of empowerment – I believe everyone can find a piece of themselves in it.”

Bea has also today released her brand new punchy single Hate It, which will appear on the forthcoming EP. The high-octane track showcases the singer-songwriter’s soaring yet raw vocals, and marries perfectly with her punk sensibilities. Listen here.

Bea explains, “I wrote Hate It when I started asking myself, when does one become an adult? Age is just a number when you put the rest on the table in this fast-evolving new world that we all live in. The truth is, nobody really knows how to do life and we’re all just trying our best.”

This new music marks the launch of Bea’s new project and inclusive community, aptly named the ‘Broken Hearts Club’. It was born out of the idea that the London-based artist had, wanting to evolve her live performances beyond the traditional format. At a show recently, Bea got tattooed with a broken heart on stage, whilst conducting a Q&A with her audience! Bea also wanted to create a safe space amongst her fans, and break down that artist/fan divide so that everyone feels like they’re part of a family. Growing up in a very conservative Lithuania with strict parents, Bea kept her true identity and sexuality hidden until she moved to London 6 years ago. Here she is able to be her true authentic self, and no longer has to shy away from being gay and proud. Bea feels more confident and empowered than ever, and is finally making the music she has always wanted to make.

The songstress has been cutting her teeth on the live circuit over the last few years, and has played sold out shows in the UK, China, where she headlined Sneakercon in front of 20,000 people, Mexico, and in her hometown of Lithuania, where she headlined the Euro Basketball Final Four Fan Zone, to 10,000 fans. Bea is most at home when on stage, and playing live. The bigger, the better as far as she is concerned, and is setting her sights on one day playing festivals from Download to Glastonbury Festival.

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