Kasabian today release a timeless heartbreaker in the highly addictive new single ‘Darkest Lullaby’. The new track comes ahead of the release of their new album Happenings – out July 5th – as well as two HUGE summer shows which will see the band headline both Latitude Festival and perform a riotous hometown show at Leicester’s Victoria Park.

Continuing the band’s riotous creative joy and instinctive live energy, ‘Darkest Lullaby’ captures the emotions of a story of heartbreak between two crazed lovers. Directed by director duo Bedroom (The 1975, Arlo Parks), the video pays homage to the unique movie trailers of the grind-house B movies of the 70s and stars the band as lead characters in their own film.

On the video, Serge explained “Darkest Lullaby is based on a long-lost film from the 1970s – the music video is the trailer for this fictional film that was never made. It was shot and made by a rag tag bunch of artists having the time of their lives”

The Directors added – “Imagine stumbling across the abandoned film reels of a long-forgotten movie that never reached completion”. “Those reels feature a jaded private detective’s descent into the depths of a dangerous assignment swimming with blood thirsty mob goons, psychoactive torture and all the inglorious hazards of the grindhouse/b-movie legacy. This was the concept behind the music video, one that couldn’t be possible without the enthusiasm of the band who threw themselves effortlessly into their roles!”

Happenings is 10 quick, sharp, visceral doses of fresh heavy hitters, drawing inspiration from the anything-goes art performance late-1950s. Veering between the dance floor to the mosh pit, tracks over three minutes were outlawed (well nearly), and with those 10 tracks clocking up to 26 minutes (“A minute shorter than the Ramones debut”), Happenings is not only an album that never overstays its welcome, but leaves Kasabian listeners craving more.

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