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Sid Stone steps up with new single ‘Hold On’

The track is an earworm of a song with gospel tinged vocals, a laid back drum beat and Sid’s smooth tones

Following the release of his exceptional debut Mixtape ‘Inside/Outside’, one of the UK’s most exciting new artists and multi-instrumentalists, Sid Stone, has released his irresistibly catchy new single, ‘Hold On’, on Hotspring Music. The track follows Sid’s poignant debut single ‘Better Alone’, which went viral with an impromptu home recorded live video after its release.

Written and recorded at Jagz Kooner’s (Manic Street Preachers, Primal Scream, Ladytron) studio in Ladbroke Grove with Jagz and award-winning songwriter Tristan Landymore (Kano, Ellie Goulding, LP), the track is an earworm of a song with gospel tinged vocals, a laid back drum beat and Sid’s smooth tones. Materialising from a spark moment in the studio and completed in a mere few hours, ‘Hold On’ sees Sid take things up a notch and stand out as one of the artists to watch on the UK scene right now.

Speaking of the track Sid explains, “‘Hold On’ is about trying to remember to give. That despite the paradigm of scarcity we live in, there really is enough for everyone’s needs. It’s about not allowing materialism to lead you away from your inner life, while accepting that’s a really hard thing to do.”

Directed by Jordan Murphy Doidge and Tristam Thomas, the video was shot at Maxilla Social Club in West London. Speaking of the video Sid said ‘It’s a mad video that spins around Maxilla Social Club in a blaze of joyful thrusting, and to me it’s about speaking up, not being afraid to be who you are, giving yourself to the world. The importance of self-expression and personal freedom’.

Sid opened the summer with the release of his debut Mixtape, ‘Inside/Outside’. A sum greater than its individual parts, the mixtape is a rhapsody of isolation, a heartfelt elegy to the process of withdrawing/going within as a necessary means to personal and artistic fulfilment. Listen to ‘Inside/Outside’ EP HERE

Hailing from Somerset, Sid Stone is a seasoned songwriter and a true artist of his craft. With influences taken from a large gene pool borrowing elements from soul, jazz, pop, rap & dance music, his raw and eloquently disheveled vocals bring together a remarkably diverse, but accessible sound. The multifaceted musician is also co-producing seven tracks on the forthcoming Kurupt FM album with Fred Again and Joy Anonymous and is a regular collaborator with pop starlets and underground legends alike. Already garnering support from The Times, Music Week, The Independent, Mahogany and Spindle Magazine, Sid Stone is poised for greatness and is an artist that is as exciting as he is essential.