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‘Sleepover’ the new release from Litany

‘Sleepover’, the new release from Litany  in which she further refines her forward-thinking alt-pop sound.

‘Sleepover’, the new release from Litany  in which she further refines her forward-thinking alt-pop sound. It’s a song that unites two often disparate elements. In terms of writing it’s a classically structured pop song topped by Litany’s sumptuously skilled topline. But a bounty of intricate production touches augment its depth, including bass that swings from funk-fuelled to a distorted womp, backing vocal harmonies that grow as the songs progresses, and unpredictable percussive elements. Listen HERE.

‘Sleepover’ also represents further evidence of Litany’s eye for detail when it comes to awkward relationships in the digital age. It’s conversational, drawing on witty lines that must surely be rooted in her own experiences (“I was dancing round your lounge, like a fool to ‘Call Me Al’”). She wrote the song with James New (Dua Lipa, Raye) and it was produced by Fyfe.

Litany commented, “You know when two best friends get drunk, sleep together and subsequently realise they’ve actually been crushing on each other forever but never talked about it until the morning after? That. Whilst I was letting my mind run away with how in love I now was with this person, they were freaking that they were gonna lose me as a friend and we shouldn’t sleepover again.”

The track’s accompanying lyric video cuts the song to snippets of ‘Gossip Girl’. The show’s relationship between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass often had the uncertainty of never knowing whether it’s off or on or on or off or on, making it an apt visual representation for ‘Sleepover’. Watch HERE.

Litany, real name Beth Carnell, co-wrote all five songs that feature on the ‘Adult Movies’ EP. In addition to Fyfe and James New, it also features collaborations with Charlie Hugall (Florence + The Machine, Dermot Kennedy), Hugh Vincent, Matt McLuckie (Easy Life) and Earl Saga (Finn Askew).

‘Sleepover’ emerges as Litany is set to headline the Jazz Cafe this Saturday (June 26th), a show which sold-out more than two months ago. That huge public demand for tickets resulted in the addition of an even bigger show at the Scala onSeptember 30th. Litany’s previous London show was a sold-out date at The Garage late in 2019.