The debut single So Completely from exciting new artist Sorsha Seven has now been released on  all major platforms, co-written with producer James McMillan.  Sorsha Seven is a singer-songwriter with a stunning pop, soul and R&B voice, signed to Alpha  

Music & Records. She’s an artist with something vital to say about life, relationships,  motherhood and being a woman in her 20s in the 2020s. 

Having grown up in Surrey in a very musical family, surrounded by all different genres, Sorsha’s   Nan taught her to sing at a young age. As a teenager, studying musical theatre and dance, she  gigged with her dad at folk clubs mastering her flair for performance. Sorsha has always been  fuelled by powerhouse voices, admiring artists such as P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Anastasia and Adele  whose incredible vocals have inspired Sorsha’s belief in the power of music. 

Sorsha comments, When I wrote ‘So Completely’ it was a mixture of stories I had heard from  friends about relationships that started off as fun and ‘in the moment’ with big hopes of things  developing, but ended up more one-sided. I love to write about other people’s experiences and  journeys and although this was not a personal story, I felt connected to it. 

A busy mother of two pursuing her singing career, Sorsha wants her music to resonate with  audiences, empowering others with her soulful lyrics and offering a message of positivity with  her soulful lyrics. Sorsha’s vocals stay with audiences long after they’ve seen her perform.

Sorsha will be seen performing at the amazing final of new talent show Alpha Unsigned at the  Indigo O2 on Wednesday 30th March. She will be joined by West End and Broadway superstar  Marisha Wallace and previous The X Factor winner Ben Haenow. The ten extraordinary finalists  are Mim Grey, Caitlin, Ania Prasek, Lois Morgan Gay, Joe Taylor, Gola, LaMont, Macie Nyah,  Minerva Daisy and Forde. They are competing for an incredible £100,000 record deal with  Alpha Music & Records. 

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