Dutch masters The Analogues will bring to life The Beatles’ final studio albums, live at the London Palladium on 3rd October.

A band who have become renowned worldwide for their perfect recreations of The Beatles albums that were never played live, has forged the ultimate experience for Fab Four fans.

This is not a tribute act, this is comparable to an orchestra recreating the work of Beethoven and Mozart, but with Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr as the composers. Using original instruments and note-perfect performance, The Analogues achieve what many never thought possible.

Abbey Road and Let It Be were The Beatles’ final two albums.  Their making was thrillingly documented by Peter Jackson’s recent documentary ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ that uncovered never before seen original footage of their recording process in the build-up to the band’s breakup.  The Beatles performed some of those songs at their famous rooftop swansong gig in 1969, on top of their studio in Saville Row, London.

The albums feature classics like ‘Come Together’, ‘Here Comes The Sun’, ‘Because’, ‘Let It Be’, ‘Get Back’ and ‘The Long And Winding Road’ and The Analogues will play Abbey Road in full with highlights of Let It Be.

‘The Beatles: Get Back’ introduced a whole new generation to the minutiae of The Beatles’ genius, a space that The Analogues inhabit to an uncanny degree.

It takes a special kind of obsessiveness to perfectly recreate on stage an album never made to be performed live.  But The Analogues are no ordinary Beatles fans.

The Beatles stopped performing in 1966, fed up of constant hysteria at their shows that began to inhibit rather than propel the band forward. This decision meant their later albums were driven by studio experimentation and, while they changed music, fans were never able to experience the records live.  Indeed, many thought it could not be done.

Over fifty years on, The Analogues have gone to extraordinary lengths to bring the album to life.  With this show, The Analogues complete their mission: the integral interpretation of all ‘studio albums’ of The Beatles; the albums from 1967 on, when The Beatles themselves stopped performing.  Their previous triumphs were performances of The Beatles’ albums ‘Revolver’, ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and ‘The White Album’.

Bart van Poppel (musical director): “The true Beatles connoisseur knows that the album Let It Be was the last to be released, but that the recordings for Abbey Road were the last studio collaboration before the band broke up. So actually Abbey Road is the last album. The fact that The Beatles were able to produce such an absolute masterpiece one more time was partly due to the return of (producer) George Martin and (technician) Geoff Emerick. But also on Let It Be there are some fantastic songs, which definitely deserve to be included in this show.”

The band search the planet to locate every period-correct instrument to create a near note-perfect homage – every guitar, piano, Moog synth, and Mellotron organ. They will bring the music to life with an orchestra (horns, strings) and their array of vintage instruments.

Tickets are on sale for the band’s Palladium show on Friday 4th March at 10am from https://myticket.co.uk/artists/the-analogues

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