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The Backseat Lovers release new single

If their phenomenal, international success was determined by the immediacy of pop hook-laden alt-rock then The Backseat Lovers’ Close Your Eyes, the latest, smouldering track to be lifted from their forthcoming album, Waiting to Spill, reveals a band in pursuit of new, bold territories. Intense, emotional, truth-speaking, creeping in with low-lit intimacy and rolling out on turbulent waves of stormy guitars, the Utah four-piece put everything out there for their still-growing global fanbase to pick up and hold on to. Waiting to Spill emerges on Fri 28 October 2022 on Polydor.

Laying bare their intentions with last month’s release of Growing/Dying, the hotly anticipated follow up to the band’s DIY debut album, When We Were Friends, has been described by singer-songwriter, Joshua Harmon as: “the most difficult thing I’ve ever done” leading listeners to expect a deeply personal document of The Backseat Lovers’ current personal and artistic terrain. Close Your Eyes, with the catalytic lyric “Do you want to be like your father?/The older you get, your head’s getting hotter”, lets the sense of early-adulthood confusion, a predominant album theme, rise and pool on the surface.

At the heart of the album, and Close Your Eyes in particular, is the deeper, emotional writing challenges that Harmon and his writing partner and guitarist, Jonas Swanson, had set for themselves, first separately and then together.

Following on from finding his own personal commitment through Close Your EyesHarmon says of their ideas coming together: “We were both singing about the same sort of feelings, our relationship with our parents, and our perspectives in that moment of seeing ourselves turning into adults. It was a bit of an affirmation from the universe, realising that these two songs could be the same song. That really sparked what ended up being the entire backbone of the record, which was Jonas and my songwriting partnership and companionship.”

Waiting to Spill, the new album, released Fri 28 October 2022