Experience counts for everything and you can’t always leave the past behind as proven by The Boo Radleys who show their statesman-like song writing prowess and revive the melodic, pop sensibilities of their chart-cresting nineties exploits with latest single, Sorrow (I Just Want To Be Free)Making extrovert sounds from their sense of introspection, the single – the last to be lifted from their imminent eighth album, Eight, released on Fri 9 June 2023 on their own Boostr label – references electronic pop icons as voices warp, synths replace guitars and the band catches the beat.

New music not only heralds the release of their second album in as many years, denoting a new era of Boos prolificacy since their surprise reformation in 2021, but also the start of a new Boo Radleys tour. Initially taking off to play seven towns and cities with a SOLD-OUT date in Reading starting proceedings before hitting London’s The Garage on Wed 14 June, fans can look forward to greatest hits and more as the band celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the release of their critically-adored, classic album, Giant Steps.

Sorrow (I Want To Be Free) arrives as a potent example of everything that the three-piece, formed of original members, Simon ‘Sice’ Rowbottom, Tim Brown and Rob Cieka, have previously explained about the new sense of freedom, and healthy relationship with technology, that drives the band forward. Echoes of voices, pulsing electronics and tight percussion underpin the emotive pop they can’t seem to help but make, as Sice’s voice echoes an illustrious past of wall-to-wall radio popularity and the pathos contained within lines sung with purpose and meaning.
Brown says of the single: ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ for jaded, locked down, middle aged gentlemen. Deep, deep sorrow comes from disconnection.  A loneliness that is forged from isolation.  Humans may be born and die alone, but we cannot survive without other people.”

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