Following on from the release of debut single and accompanying dance film “True Romance”, Irish electronic producers The Cope announce self-titled debut EP and accompanying trilogy of music videos with new single “I Am Stretched on Your Grave”, out October 19th. The track sonically mirrors the feelings of loss, love, grief and acceptance that affects the characters in its accompanying music video, the first in a triptych created in collaboration with acclaimed writer/director Jamie Delaney.

Regarding the overarching themes of both the single and the EP The Cope say “There is an inherent sadness in Irish culture and folklore. Woe and heartbreak is deep within the fabric of our people and our history, however it remains ever-present and as potent even still today. “The Cope” interrogates the lengths we are willing to go to in order to hold on to all that we have, or alternatively the lies we tell ourselves to convince ourselves that we are content with who we have become“.

The title and lyrics of “I Am Stretched On Your Grave” come from an anonymous 17th Century Irish poem, translated to English most notably by Frank O’Connor and set to music in 1979 by Phillip King. It is a live performance of King’s rendition that is sampled here.

The audio/visual trilogy stars exciting up and coming talents Lauryn Canny, Diarmuid Noyes and Jeanie Crystal. Elaborating further on the story writer/director Jamie Delaney says “The Cope is a universal exploration of toxic love. They say love is blind, and in the case of the protagonist Sadhbh (Canny), that is undoubtedly true. Trapped in her relationship, Sadhbh knows things aren’t right. Situations should be better. But with the realisation comes the inevitable self-sabotage. It is easier to ignore slipping back into the comfort of a noxious embrace. All of this is not made any easier by her boyfriend, Matty (Noyes), who weaponises Sadhbh’s insecurities and addictions, trapping her in a cage of her own making.”

“I Am Stretched on Your Grave” is available to watch/stream on October 19th, with The Cope’s eponymous EP and parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy set to follow later in the year. Following on from an incredible debut show at Electric Picnic, The Cope play their premiere headline show at The Button Factory, Dublin on December 9th.

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