Victoria and Lavinia make a triumphant return with a second single from their album ‘Symphonic Pop’. This follows on from their successful cover of Amen Corner’s chart topping hit ‘(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice’, which was warmly welcomed by BBC Radio Wales and local Press.  ‘My Precious Love’ sticks to the same winning formula that The Debutantes have became known for, this time with an original composition. Written by Alan Jones and co-produced with Richard Jackson, the new single is exciting, uplifting and full of energy, brimming with a poppy, sixties ‘Wall Of Sound’ vibe.  With a driving beat and lavish orchestration by John Rea, ‘My Precious Love’ harks back to the unashamedly romantic songs of The Ronettes and The Supremes.

 This latest offering from The Debutantes arrives alongside a dynamic, high-energy video, produced by Alan Jones, directed by Hamish Kay and skilfully edited and mastered by Emmy award winning music video director Nick Morris.

‘My Precious Love’ is a joyful anthem for post-Brexit 2020, with its unflagging positivity, free-spirited mood and high-end enthusiasm.

My love of sixties music inspired me to write a bunch of songs reminiscent of that period. In particular the Phil Spector ‘Wall of Sound’ recordings by girl groups such as The Ronettes, The Shirelles, The Crystals and The Supremes. For me, ‘My Precious Love’ sums up that period”. – Alan Jones

 “We had such a happy time making this video – we feel that this comes over in the footage! Singing together is what we love most, and ‘My Precious Love’ was such a great song to record. We got really caught up in the spirit and energy of the lyrics and melody”. – The Debutantes

You can listen to the new single here;

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