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This Weeks international round up

This weeks international round up of our favourite singles out now.

This weeks international round up of our favourite singles out now.

1. Animal Sun release ‘Can You Hear The Thunder’

While exciting and full of adventure, love can be a storm, and ANIMAL SUN captures that narrative in their video for “CAN YOU HEAR THE THUNDER?” which was featured on American Songwriter. The track itself brings a mysterious energy and a darkness paralleling the visual that ends with ominous suspense.

“At its core, “can you hear the thunder?” narrates how it feels to be swept away in a whirlwind of emotions toward another person. You have to weather that storm, enjoy the adventure, but not let it consume you. We can get so caught up in desire for someone that we feel powerless and sometimes it can lead to disaster, like an emotional and mental hurricane.” – Steven Blake, vocalist

2. Ash Ravens releases ‘Beautiful Lies’

Taking on the “lies and deception” this Ottawa-based, Bangladeshi-born rocker experienced in a past relationship, bilingual musical virtuoso Ash Ravens has burst onto the Canadian music scene with a brand-new, tongue-in-cheek single called “Beautiful Lies” — available now!

Complemented by emotional instrumentals, Ravens’ richly layered lyricism is drenched in satire as he sardonically projects so-called love for his partner’s lies — all while feeling used and trapped in a cycle of toxicity, with no idea how to escape.

In his own words, the veteran musician summarizes the song as being about “knowing when the other person is lying and cheating,” he shares. “You let them keep doing it, and let them dig their own grave.”

The line “so lie with me / and lie to me” helps underscore his feelings about this former flame and, while the lyrics might be hard to stomach for those familiar with the subject matter, “Beautiful Lies” is a real treat for avid six-string enthusiasts. There’s a lot to absorb in this three-minute, 30 second tune, from intermittent sweep-filled guitar licks, to undeniably melodic fills shredded by Ravens… You’ll be itching to go back and hear it again.

3. Gyakie shares new track ‘Need Me’

Ghanaian music starlet Gyakie has today unveiled her eagerly anticipated single ‘Need Me’

Speaking about the release, Gyakie says: ‘Need Me’ is a love song. This song goes out to people that are willing to sacrifice everything for the people they love. The people that are always available for the ones they love. This song is powerful, it’s a song for the heart and the message that is being sent out is that “love is a beautiful thing, and if you happen to find love, enjoy the most out of it”. I’m very excited about this release because it’s been a year since I dropped music and I know my fans have been yearning for it. It’s finally here and I believe it’s going to be another global wave!’

‘Need Me’ follows the release of Gyakie’s debut EP ‘SEED’ which included one of the biggest afrobeat songs of this year ‘Forever’ and a bubby remix of the track featuring multi-talented award winning singer/songwriter Omah Lay.

4. Yung Bae shares ‘Gold and Silver’

Future Funk icon and internet sensation Yung Bae, whose track “Bad Boy” went viral on TikTok last year with over 2 billion impressions across 1 million videos, has released this Summer’s feel-good anthem, “Silver & Gold.” The single features Australian singer-songwriter Sam Fischer, who’s coming off of a moving TV performance of “What Other People Say” on The Ellen Show with Demi Lovato, and R&B artist Pink Sweat$, who recently released his debut album Pink Planet, and performed its standout single “At My Worst” with Kehlani on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “Silver & Gold” is available on all digital streaming services

5. Annabel Gutherz releases ‘Remnant’

Singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz shares her new single and lyric video, “Remnant,” from her upcoming debut album ‘Loose Ends.’

“Remnant” is an emotionally poignant coming of age track. Atop Americana-influenced guitar and understated percussion, Annabel’s soothing vocals croon about lost friendship: “You were someone that I used to know / But where oh where did that girl go / Now you’re just a remnant of that dear old friend / Stuck in the body of Miss Pretend.”

An ardent and perspective storyteller, Annabel’s diaristic lyricism, honeyed melodies and full-bodied vocals take listeners on a journey as she writes from the heart with raw honesty and emotional conviction. On “Remnant,” she uses the personal as a vehicle into the universal, capturing the complex mutability of friendships as we move from adolescence into adulthood.“It’s a song about the evolution of a friendship from childhood to adolescence, and how the dynamic between two people can change as they grow… And sometimes grow apart,” Annabel says.

6. Mazey Haze releases catchy new hit ‘Headspin’

Mazey Haze announces her debut EP ‘Always Dancing’ out October 22nd via LUSTRE, alongside new single “Headspin” which is has also been released.

Dreamy guitar-driven indie-pop reminiscent of acts such as Alvvays, Beach House, Camera Obscura and Men I Trust, Mazey Haze is the moniker of 21 year old Amsterdam-based artist Nadine Appeldoorn.

New single “Headspin” is the second to be lifted from her upcoming debut EP, following lead single “Sad Lonely Groove” released in June. Caught in a maelstrom of conflicting emotions, Appeldoorn reflects upon a previous romance: ‘I was the one who broke your heart / I’m selfish ‘cause I still look for comfort in your arms’ – she sings amidst driving dream-pop percussion, lilting guitars and airy synths.

7. Alaina Castillo releases new track ‘Wish You Were Here’

Houston born, Mexican-American bilingual singer-songwriter Alaina Castillo has released latest track “wish you were here”. Her debut LP Parallel Universe Part 1 was released in May, and includes single “stfu (i got u)”, the fast-rising hit that racked up 33 New Music Friday playlists on release day.

wish you were here is a song I wrote during quarantine when I really just needed that one person to get me through things but they weren’t there. the days felt longer and the nights felt endless in their absence. it showed me that nothing was enough to cover up them not being there.

8. Gryffin releases ‘New Blood’ feat Boy Matthews

A glorious melange of delicate guitar strings, soaring arpeggios and Boy Matthew’s impassioned vocals, ‘New Blood’ is a spellbinding, uplifting dance-pop jam. It follows Gryffin’s recent singles ‘I Want Love’, ‘Safe With Me’ and ‘Best Is Yet To Come’, collaborations with New York artist Two Feet, singer songwriter Audrey Mika, California based writer and producer Kyle Reynolds, which have all accumulated more than 65 million combined Spotify streams.

Additionally, Gryffin’s 2019 anthem ‘Tie Me Down’ with artist Elley Duhé has surged in popularity once more. Exploding on TikTok, it has recently inspired over nearly 3 million videos in the past month alone. To date, it has racked up 227 million Spotify streams.

9. Aurora releases stripped back version ‘Cure For Me’

Norwegian songstress AURORA has today revealed a beautifully stripped back acoustic version of latest single Cure For Me, via Decca Records. In celebration of this, she will be doing a TikTok live stream on Sunday at 8pm. Listen to the ethereal acoustic version of Cure For Me, here.

Following the World First premiere of Cure For Me on Apple Music 1, alongside an interview with Zane Lowe, AURORA was also featured as the global cover of New Music Daily. The song has received tremendous support across UK radio and streaming services, including plays on Annie Mac and Jack Saunders’ BBC Radio 1 shows, and playlist inclusions across Spotify and Apple Music. Written in Australia by the pop chanteuse, the song is about breaking free from shame and shutting out the doubters. The empowering and upbeat track opens with AURORA’s signature soft yet soaring vocals, and builds to a darkly-hued carnivalesque chorus. Listen here. Directed by AURORA herself and Fill In Productions, the official music video can be seen here.

Of Cure For Me, AURORA has explained, “Sometimes I feel like the whole world Is trying to convince you something is wrong with you. And sadly often people believe this to be true. It is very scary how easy it is for someone to convince you that you are wrong. Or that you are overly emotional, too strange, and not good enough. And I think it’s about time we shut those voices out. Because in no way should anyone convince you that you are not worthy because of the way you look, or act, believe in or love. We should be allowed to be human. And we don’t need a cure for it.”

10. Kito shares new track ‘Steal My Clothes’ feat Bea Miller

Kito returns with “Steal My Clothes” ft. Bea Miller – a highly relatable tale about being irresistibly drawn to someone despite their capacity for wrecking your life and raiding your closet. Kito creates an effervescent dance-pop track with her signature production elements and distinct distorted vocal chops as Miller wryly lays out a sequence of chaotic situations. Released today by Astralwerks, “Steal My Clothes” is available for download / streaming HERE.
The official video mirrors the song’s playfulness. Miller performs for a sparse crowd at a community centre. Working the room, she finds a unique way of connecting with her audience, which includes Kito. As she stops at each table, Miller morphs into the apparel of whomever she is singing to.